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Metro Applications Won't Remember Stored Information

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    Metro Apps/Tiles Keep Refreshing To Default Settings?

    Metro Apps/Tiles Keep Refreshing To Default Settings?

    I consider myself an advanced user, but I still overlook a lot of things and make mistakes like everyone.

    Basically, Windows 8.1's Metro apps and tiles keep refreshing to default settings like it's the first time I've used them or opened them.

    When I go to use Skype, it will always ask if it is allowed to use my webcam and microphone. It seems to remember the settings for a while, then forgets them.

    I'm assuming this is CCleaner related, but I unchecked all of the settings that correspond to the Metro applications, and this changes nothing.

    I'm unsure if I am actually deleting important information Windows needs without knowing. I usually delete logs on top of the usual things to keep my computer clean.

    Any help would be great. Thanks!
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    Ccleaner probably is the source of it. I don't use Skype so I am unfamiliar with whichsetting(s) in Ccleaner it is that clears local user settings for Skype, but Ccleaner came to mind before I read it in your post; I think that's a good place to start.
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    I hate to do this. But I have to bump the topic.

    I left it for a decent amount of time before bumping up again.

    I still have this problem, and it's annoying me.
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Metro Applications Won't Remember Stored Information
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