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Computer Cleaning software

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    Computer Cleaning software

    To fix or not to fix, that is the question.

    How do we know which computer cleaning software is telling the truth and not just throwing false positives on the screen?

    I just tried CCleaner and it told me it had cleaned up the Reg; deleted 522mb junk and a couple of other bits

    Then ran another which told me I had 25 Reg errors, several mb junk, 1 disk error, and removed another couple of bits of junk. One of them is lying!

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    Some are more aggressive than other, more safety conscious but they all contain some kind of risk to system. I would not go past CCleaner's most conservative settings. Even that is quite enough and not really necessary on Win8. If you want through cleaning go to Disk Cleanup and Cleanup system files, it's safest way.
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    I found disk cleanup via control panel/admin tools and it cleaned out a fair amount 5-6mb approx; which the other programs had said was already done!!
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    Just run CCleaner and call it a day, no more is needed for windows without risking the integrity of the OS.
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    I don't know of anything safer than Windows' own cleaner.
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    To be fair I had never used windows own before; I may have missed something here. Anyway doing so now.
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Computer Cleaning software
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