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Need replacment for Windows BROKEN Installer/uninstaller

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    Need replacment for Windows BROKEN Installer/uninstaller

    I'm about to buy a plane ticket to Microsoft HQ and stick my boot up Bill's arse.

    I'm SICK of windows Broken installer/uninstaller. I need a replacement that simply works better than this built in GARBAGE. - No.. on second thought, I'd settle for an app that actually works Properly.

    The Problem:

    I am in the process of cleaning out and backing up my system so I can re-install a fresh system. I notice that Windows installer/uninstaller leaves behind tons of bits and pieces. These are mostly found in Program Files (x86) and in Documents. Some are games that left behind bits but others are regular apps.

    I am having to go through each folder in Documents and Program files (x86) so i can determine which programs left behind pieces and delete those manually - no easy task when you have a full 500 gig drive with half the stuff uninstalled improperly due to Windows garbage applications.

    I am looking to solve this problem for next time. I need a program that scans every app as it installs and records the install data someplace safe so it can really for real this time.. unlike windows play toy app - really uninstall the program fully.

    Is there any app like that? Thanks !

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    There are uninstall utilities that monitor registry changes made by a program's installer, files created etc.. One problem though, if you leave that program on the machine for some time, other programs may have changed the same Registry setting later... So when you change it back to the original setting, the other application is confused since its settings are gone(or some of them at least.)

    The slipstream approach may be of interest:
    Customize Your Windows 8 Installation Disc and Slipstream Updates With WinReducer
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Need replacment for Windows BROKEN Installer/uninstaller
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