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Win 8.1 Pro Metro Travel App stuck on same image

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    Windows 8.1 Pro Media Center X 64

    Win 8.1 Pro Metro Travel App stuck on same image


    I have done a thorough search on Google, Bing, and the Microsoft Answer Win 8 Forums...
    My issue is with the Metro Travel app, which keeps displaying: Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah...
    I do not even have this image set as one of my favorites...?

    Problem shooting methods:

    1. Made sure all Metro apps were updated
    2. Clear tile data-rebooted
    3. Synced license-all correct
    4. Ran appsdiagnostic file
    5. Removed all my favorites, and added new favorites

    Attached please find 'ss' of this mysterious Metro Travel (where did it even come from!)
    Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated...all other Metro apps are properly updating and displaying correct images...


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    Windows 8.1 Pro Media Center X 64

    Ok, I reinstalled Win 8.1 Pro/Media Center from the MS Store, and after it ran through all its parameters, when rebooting the system, I noticed that a couple of the Metro apps had a small 'x' (Travel, Sports, Financial, Food and Drink.)

    After single clicking on these apps, it took me to the MS Store, which stated, there is a error code: xxxxxxxxxx
    And these apps need to be repaired, which the Store can do.

    After the subsequent repairs, all apps loaded up correctly, however the Travel app still shows the above Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

    Well after doing more research, I came across this 'ss' and see that he too has this image:

    Click image for larger version

    So possibly, this is the initial default image....until the Travel app system cache gets finally cleared then 'my favorite' images will be eventually displayed...

    I do know for a fact that prior to the last two months of Windows Update (2nd Tues-Monthly patches), that this Travel app would display my favorite images...Come on MS....fix the
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    Windows 8.1 Pro Media Center X 64

    Sorry for 3rd sequence, but this has been buggin' Been at it since 3:00am and I ended up doing a 'clean install' of Win 8 Pro (utilizing a Win 8 Product Key), then adding features to MS Store (using a Media Center Product Key)...and after all Windows and Store Updates, the Metro Travel app is displaying my favorites properly...
    So now I am going to install Win 8.1 Pro/Media Center via MS Store...and see how the Metro apps behave/perform!

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    Windows 8.1 Pro Media Center X 64

    Last reply here...I

    After, Win8.1 Pro/Media Center finished up installing (file from the MS Store), the Metro Travel app initially displayed 'all my favorites'...however after updating all Windows Updates, and MS Store updates, it then defaulted to the above Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah pic....where (alas) it remains!

    From a constructive standpoint...I did get some more practice on reinstalling Win8 Pro (with a Win8 Upgrade Advisor Promo Product Key)...then utilizing Add-To-Features for my Media Center Promo Code Product Key....then upgraded to Win8.1 Pro/Media Center, with my purchased-Retail Product at least I have fresh! But man it took a while to complete reinstalling all updates and my personal files...sigh.
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Win 8.1 Pro Metro Travel App stuck on same image
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