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Tiles not responding

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    Tiles not responding

    My wife has a Toshiba Laptop with windows 8, upgraded to 8.1.
    About a month ago I set up Skype on her computer and all was working fine. Then 2 days ago she tells me it is not working. If you click on the tile, it tries to open, but after 3 second or so it goes back to the desktop. If I move the mouse in to the upper left corner, I can see the opening screen it gives you and I can click on it and it will come up again but only for a second or so and then goes back to the desktop. It never starts Skype. She has the same problem with Microsoft Solitaire Collection. I looked in Programs and Features to do a repair, but they are not listed.
    I have no clue what caused this, but would like to have it fixed, if possible. Since there is no listing in Programs and Features, I don’t even have the option to uninstall and then reinstall it.
    Any help would be appreciated

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    Hello Sven,

    You might see if going through the listed troubleshooting steps in the tutorial below may be able to help.

    Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8

    Hope this helps,
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    Thanks Brink.

    I will let you know what happens

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    I will have to wait with repairs till the weekend.
    My wife is working then and don't need her computer.

    I will let you know what happens
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    Ok Sven. I'll be here.
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    Hi Brink,
    Here is what I did:
    The numbers correspond to your list.

    1. I ran theWindows store apps Troubleshooter, it gives me a pop up telling me: check for missing and corrupted files……..detected. I guess it could not fix them
    2. Windows is activated
    3. I am not using a proxy
    4. I don’t get the “ this app can’t open” pop up
    5. My wife is using a “user” account, not administrator
    6. It is a Microsoft account
    7. Screen resolution is set to 1040x768
    8. Internet connection is fine
    9. UAC is enabled
    10. Ido not get a store error
    11. Firewallis running
    12. Virus software is MSE
    13. Time is correct
    14. There are no upgrades available or showing
    15. Ire-registered the store
    16. Installing works, and there was no update
    17. Licenses are synced
    18. No error code given
    19. I don’t have Morphological Filtering
    20. I un-installed Microsoft Solitaire Collection and then re-installed it, now it works.
    21. Iran sfc /scannow twice.
    22. The publisher is MS. The apps not working are: Skype, Calendar, Finance, Weather, Travel, Maps, Sports, News, People,Food & Drink, Health & Fitness
    23. Iam tempted to do a refresh, but like to try and fix it.

    If I un-install the software (#22) that is not working, where do I find them to re-install?
    Thanks for your help

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    The apps should be listed in "Your apps" in the Store.
    In addition, you could also search the app name to find and install in the Store.
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    it appears that some tiles -- Finance, Weather, Travel and News-- are updating.
    However, when I click on them they try to open, but then I get switched back to my desktop.

    I will see if I can find the apps in the store.

    Q: is there a way I can "refresh" an app? I really don't want to setup Skype again if possible

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    Closing and reopening an app would normally refresh it.

    It would be best to wait until they are finished updating before trying to open them though.
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    by refresh I mean install over the existing installation to preserve all the set up I have done and only replace the parts that don't work correctly.

    When I am at the store it tells me that I have the app installed and there is no button to install again, unless I uninstall first.

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Tiles not responding
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