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Secunia install caused automatic System Restore?

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    Secunia install caused automatic System Restore?

    This morning I installed the latest version ( of Secunia software to my new Win 8.1 desktop. The PSI Setup looked OK.

    I got a screen at the end that said: PSI has been installed on your computer. Click Finish to Close Setup.

    While I was reading this message and it was still on the screen I immediately had a message pop-up from "System Restore" that said: System Restore completed successfully. System has been restored to 11/11/2013 4:35:46 PM. Your documents have not been affected. <Close>

    WHAT?!?!? CAN THIS HAPPEN? I wasn't anywhere near the Restore screen. I had just turned on the machine, searched to see if Secunia was available for 8.1 (since I used it on my Win 7 machine), and started the download. The download was successful and I was able to run a scan....but this whole System Restore completion screen has freaked me out.

    and yes....I realize I should have manually set a restore point before loading new software

    When I look at my current possibilities for doing a restore, I can select from 11/23 or 11/30 - both auto set (so why 11/11?. I'd assume there should also be one for 12/7 since they are being set weekly, but it's not there. Nor are any other restore points, though I really had been setting them quite frequently as I was "configuring" this new machine.

    The allocation is set at 30. Is this typically sufficient for a set-it-up-and-leave-it-alone user?

    Thanks for any insight you have on this weird situation!

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    I can assure you that i installed latest Secunia PSI ( on my current OS in a virtual machine (system restore was disabled) and had no hickups whatsoever.Cant really think of what could have caused you that trouble but it makes me think twice now,before i install it on my ''physical" OS.Other than that,its a legit app,did find even the slightest application installed on my PC,and helped me updating the "forgotten" ones.Bump might help...
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    Thanks for the reply, ProudtobeGreek.

    I was able to successfully run Secunia, so it doesn't seem to have a problem. The freak-out is for not knowing how I got a phantom restore, and concern about my 'missing' restore points.

    I'm unclear on the "Bump" note. Is this a person, or application, and how do I make use of it?
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    I was trying to say,that my PSI installation,did not trigger any restoration or affected restore points.
    Bumping the thread was meant,my bad.
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Secunia install caused automatic System Restore?
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