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Apps not compatible with 8.1 but working on 8

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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64

    Apps not compatible with 8.1 but working on 8

    Hello guys!

    Maybe a very few of you have read my topic on Vistaforums. I'm the guy, ho has "only" 5 operating systems on his PC.
    Vista SP2 x64
    7 SP1 x64
    8 Pro x64
    Ubuntu 12.10

    After Microsoft released the 8.1, I knew that the time of Windows 8 is gone. If the PC is better than a Pentium D it does not worth bothering with it. But I installed this 8 in May, becuse there was no working bootloader on my PC, and that was the easiest way to have one. Also it turned out that Metro isn't that bad, it's fast and good. Also D3D optimizations like for BF4.

    But W8 won't get IE11, cannot run Asphalt8, no further support, etc...

    So I would like to do the upgrade. So the question is, a new install with Win8.1, and having 6 OS's, or formatting Win8 partition and installing 8.1?
    XP is necessary for a huge load of apps from the early 2000's, it's the only 32bit OS on my pc, and some hardware only supports this or older OS's.
    Vista: backup OS, if I mess up everything, and native DX10.0
    7: daily usage, mostly supported with drives for todays phone flashing
    8: FAST, so I use it a lot.

    But there are incompatibilities. Some phone flashers won't work on 8, and some games are glitchy too (today's discovery is PoP Sands of Time). So I wouldn't delete XP and 7 for any money.

    So, is it necessary to keep Win8? Is there anything that works only on 8 (like DX10 was on vista)? Because if there is an app, that doesn't work on 8.1, but runs well on 7 and 8, I won't keep Win8.

    If anybody has experienced such thing, please write a comment with the name of the application, and I will decide. Currently, I'm planning to delete Win8 and install 8.1 if I will have time.

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    Win XP SP#
    Win7 SP1
    Win 8,1 Pro
    Linux Mint
    I keep them on separate drives with XP on a small HDD, Win7 on another but with dual boot with 8.1 and Mint on a USB drive. For a month there was an Win 8 there too until I was satisfied that everything I needed worked on 8.1. This way any of those systems and drives could be replaced or taken out with no ill effects to other systems. When changing/ removing any OS I disconnect other drives so there's no mixing in any way. The only drawback is that I have to switch boot device for XP and Mint thru BIOS but the great part is there's no mixing and unwanted interaction between OSes.
    Only other way is using VMs but is not that flexible and requires a lot of memory and may not work with all the hardware.
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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64

    I use bootloaders linked to each other. PC starts with Win8's BOOTMGR, has link to NTLDR(for XP), and GRUB2. GRUB2 has link for BOOTMGR. So it's fine. Erasing Win8 and installing 8.1 won't change anything I think.
    Thanks for confirming that 8.1 does the work well. But if someone else has any other information, share it please.
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Apps not compatible with 8.1 but working on 8
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