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Bad Sector - Can't Open Program

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    Bad Sector - Can't Open Program

    Hello. I have been using a program called Family Tree Legends for years now, but just recently when I try to open the program I receive the following message: "This program has been damaged, possibly by a bad sector of the hard drive or a virus. Please reinstall it." I have removed the program and reinstalled it several times and it still won't work. It's a family tree program that I used almost daily and now I'm concerned I lost everything. I even tried to open the program via the administrator function but it still won't work.

    Does anything know what might have caused this? I can my Norton virus software and it didn't reveal any problems or viruses.

    Thank you!!

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    Does the program have its own forum? Someone may have experienced the same error and have a work-around. Also you can try disabling your AV to see if it is interfering with normal operation.
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    The forums for your application seem to be down but you can check this : Support Home Page
    and the faq : Frequently Asked Questions

    I think if you reinstalled multiple times without it working, the problem lies in your data files. I would first try to save them, from googling a little I found out they have the extensions *.ftw, *.ftm and *.fbc. Try and locate those on your system from the file explorer, try your program , my documents, and maybe appdata (can be seen by checking hidden items) folders. Save them somewhere.

    If this is indeed a bad sector then you can try chkdsk to fix any errors on your disk : CHKDSK - Check a Drive for Errors in Windows 8. Just be sure to try and save your files first.
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    I also have been using FTL and am now getting the exact same error after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 today.
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Bad Sector - Can't Open Program
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