Hi there.

If you are using DvdFab for DVD ripping etc and running W8.1 64 bit version - latest few builds of the 64 bit version of DvdFab now DOESN'T work on standard commercial DVD's (encrypted ones). You get Cannot Read Disc - on perfectly playable DVD's (even old ones's so it's nothing to do with any recent changes in CSS / DRM).

The 32 Bit version might work - just can't be bothered any more to test it as I've now moved on to another method of ripping DVD's".

So I'd still suggest the two pronged approach to backing up DVD's (storing as .ISO's) on your HDD and / or ripping them is to use AnyDVD to decrypt / de-regionalize and then rip with the software of your choice (Handbrake - Free, Nero 14 or whatever).

The DvdFab idea looked good as it was meant to do the decryption and ripping functions with ONE program instead of TWO but if it doesn't work then it's no point buying it.