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Network issues with some apps

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    Network issues with some apps

    So out of the blue, suddenly some applications are unable to connect to the internet, while others still can connect?!

    Stuff like dropbox, precision x, geforce experience, rainmeter, LCD host, sandboxie, etc doesn't work and will give me errors when they try to access the internet..

    But stuff like TS3, steam, utorrent, chrome, hamachi, teamviewer, etc etc is able to connect to the internet..

    Steam for example, it works and i can connect and load up friends, but when trying to access webinfo i just get this:

    Error Code: -130

    Failed to load web page (unknown error).

    Reboot (router/modem AND PC) didn't work, disabled all adapters except my lan and still no go, uninstalled all stuff that might could hook into the network adapter.. only having windows defender as AV (and it's even turned off atm), no firewall or other program that could block it..
    I have also tried resetting winsocket and did "netsh int ip reset reset.log hit" but no go..

    Wtf could this be...?!

    Edit: Well it seems that a VPN program changed my lan/proxy settings in IE, even tho i uninstalled it.. (FU HOTSPOTSHIELD ).. Once i changed that, everything was good again.. (Makes me wonder why so many programs still rely on IE settings to connect..)
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Network issues with some apps
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