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More issues regarding Acronis support of True Image 2014

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    More issues regarding Acronis support of True Image 2014

    I am seriously considering dropping this product.
    How can a company ask purchasers of a product to start paying for support 30 days after purchase?
    Based on the responses received to queries about recovery issues (which they do deign to support) and some other issues it is apparent that the various areas within the company (development, support, help desk) do not communicate with each other and that support personnel do not appreciate garnering further information after an event is somewhat difficult and that recreating a recovery issue to garner such info is not a task one undertakes lightly.
    Examples of these flaws:-
    1. A reported issue regarding a function available in TI2013 but missing in TI2014 was in fact being look at by their development department, but the support and help desk personnel were unaware of this.
    2. They repeatedly ask for more information despite being informed that none is available and then declare the issue closed/resolved if they don't receive more info.

    How much more info can one give for an issue such as "system loops/hangs in boot up after recovery"?

    It seems to me that their much vaunted "nonstop backup" is not all they claim it to be and the standard backup is just the same as the free version that comes with the tools for certain HDDs.

    They are just about to lose a customer, but I doubt that they care since they have my money.

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    Thanks for that heads up. Hopefully many will read your tale of woe and avoid the same issues.

    Thanks for sharing,

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    Advanced warning! Tks.

    I am using 2013, which runs without any problems in Windows 8.1, but I was thinking of updating.
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    Hi there
    The advantage these days as far as I can see of using ATH and other PAID backup / recovery type software is that you can run your backups from within Windows itself and manage INCREMENTAL backups.

    I actually had a few issues with ATH 2013 - such as the USB3 issue - the bootable system didn't recognize a disk connected to a USB3 port -- a USB3 HDD connected to a USB2 port was OK but then you lose the speed. !!! but 2014 works fine (so far).

    Now whether those are features actually worth paying for is really only up to you -- Macrium free V5 seems to do a relatively OK job but the disadvantage is that it only runs from a BOOT CD (or if you can hack it around a bit to use a USB drive).

    I find running ATH from within windows installed on a Windows TO GO is by far the easiest to manage doing this sort of stuff -- and I don't have any problems with USB3 drivers or whatever since the Windows to go system handles it all.

    If the PAID MACRIUM system works from within windows as efficiently as ATH then I might switch but so far I haven't had any particular issues - and the ATH backs up any partition type not just FAT / NTFS too.

    The other thing to be aware of - particularly if you are backing up images from SSD's to restore BACK to SSD's - on RESTORE you DO NOT WANT a sector by sector restore -- not sure whether Macrium allows you to disable that particular "Feature".

    Another advantage in using a system that works under windows is that you can mount the image and just restore individual files if you need to -- boot only systems don't have that convenience.

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    I appreciate the advantages you detail.
    The ability to mount images is certainly very helpful, and if my memory serves me correctly that feature is available in the free version of ATI that one gets with Seagate Disc Wizard.
    So perhaps the ideal set up would be to use the free version for weekly backup and File History for file backups.
    In my case, since I have purchased ATI2014, I will continue with it but just ensure that I do a full backup before any major change instead of relying on Nonstop Backup.
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    Just wanted to confirm that my memory wrt Seagate Disk Wizard is indeed accurate.
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    Now whether those are features actually worth paying for is really only up to you -- Macrium free V5 seems to do a relatively OK job but the disadvantage is that it only runs from a BOOT CD (or if you can hack it around a bit to use a USB drive).
    This is simply not true. Macrium Free V5 can do backup within Windows and can mount the image for selective restore.
    Please take a look at the screen shots. The first one is the backup, the second is mounted as Drive J.

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version
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    Another example of the level of support one receives from the techs at Acronis.
    I decided to test (once again) a partition recovery from a Nonstop Backup.
    This time it just sat there for almost 15 minutes "calculating" but with absolutely no activity.
    Passed on this info to Acronis Support and got this in response:-
    " I just want to inform you that instead of Non stop backup you can make your own custom backup plan and make a full backup and incremental s after that."

    Of course my immediate reaction was "WTF!?"

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More issues regarding Acronis support of True Image 2014
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