I installed Windows 98 on my old computer, and it would be fun to try and controll it with kvm becaue my desk looks like shit now, and it is really annoying with 2 keyboards, always hit the wrong one. Well anyway I tried to google around a bit, and I have found out that Synergy has Windows 98 Support. Link: Synergy - Mouse and keyboard sharing software
This is really strange, because when i start it i get some error about needing to upgrade my os.
After a bit more google i found a program called KernelFX or something to run newer programs on old machines.
With this synergy actually started (Config window thingy), but when i try to start it i get the error: The tempoary configuration file requiered to start synergy can not be written. In the Log i can see it says: "NOTE: config file: "And this part is just blank.
Anyone know how to get synergy to work or another Kvm program with 98 support?