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My countless copies of Winzip do not work on Windows 8....

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    My countless copies of Winzip do not work on Windows 8....

    I went to them to purchase yet another updated copy, but refuse to lease the software for an annual fee, which appears to be their new business model. (“N, O, nu-uh”.)

    Yes compression comes native with Windows, but I'd like to password protect backups and such, and find it handy to have it in the menu when I right-click on a file(s). Is there a standout alternative for the 64bit Win 8.1 environment? I've heard of 7-Zip, but know nothing about the various competing apps.

    I Love Free Software10 Best Free Alternatives to Winzip and Winrar
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    Use WinRAR, it's better, should be a free version of it somewhere.
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    I'm a total wussy with downloading apps, even CNET – for fear of deception and making the wrong decision and having a bunch of junk installed. I was not able to find a free copy of WinRAR.

    But I did just find this - The Best File Archive Utility for Windows

    And this - PeaZip 64 bit | Open and extract RAR 7Z TAR ZIP ZIPX files

    I'm feeling bold and ..crazy. I'm going to run into the other room holding scissors just before I install an unknown new app!
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    PeaZip | Free Security & Utilities software downloads at
    Has been working very well here, been using it for years.
    btw, remember the 'do not accept' for the extra app they bundle with the latest version.
    And if happy with the program, as always with free stuff, evaluate a donation.
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    Thank you for the replies (I'm a bit late - sorry.)

    PeaZip was crushing-it. But now it stopped working a week later, for some reason. Perhaps Malwarebytes pegs OpenCandy, and I removed that. I tried a reinstall but not working. I'll mark this thread as solved. Thanks again.
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    I had the same experiences, and tried, and went on to "HaoZip". It is in the store and free. behaves very much like WinZip. The only minor downside is the title, which is in Chinese characters.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    The thing to watch out for are RAR archives, and they change the format regularly, I was using WinRAR 3. something, and suddenly I could not open some new RARs - I had to update to version 5.x

    The thing I like about WinRAR is that you can open an ISO image and extract it with just one Drag and Drop.
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    2345好压 means “..Good Pressure”.

    I pause briefly to contemplate a nefarious/ironic foreshadowing of global financial gamesmanship, but other than that, I generally succumb to the better angels of our nature... that is until the install included like 7 different apps by default – checksums and such – so I chickened out – spooked. Who knows what all is being installed?

    Why the @*#$&# did PeaZip stop working?

    I'm glad I waited a while before sending them my standard $10 for free apps I want to support. (I suspect they get more value out the fact that my confirmed name/address rides along with the donation...)

    I've been cranking down on services and security, and have made a hundred tweaks. It may be my fault.

    WinRAR 64-bit is $30... The download page does not specifically say “Windows 8” [..looking for reasons not to pony up]

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    Windows 8 Pro (64 bit)

    My copy of WinZip works just fine on Windows 8.1. (and Windows 8 before that) I have a paid version.
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    All mine are pre v.17 versions: WinZip Feature History - WinZip Computing :: Knowledgebase (<---see table at bottom of page)
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My countless copies of Winzip do not work on Windows 8....
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