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Windows 8.1: Most Metro Apps crash immediately at launch

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    Hi there

    I'd forget the Metro weather app - there are so many BETTER ones

    BBC is good - also US weather channel I'm told is OK

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    Hi all,

    First off I have not read all 18 pages of this thread, so there may be some repeat, but this may help people today.

    I have had to trouble shoot a "windows 8.1 apps crash, including store" problem myself, and just before losing my mind I started thinking specifics. This laptop had had CorelX3 installed on it. I googled that and found a delightful page HERE that basically says YES, CorelX3 and CorelX4 change permissions on the HKCR registry key, and they further say to check out THIS link on microsoft site. This fix is unpleasant for noobs but doable generally. I admit I will try it tomorrow, and report back if it gets nasty.

    But let's think about that. A program from a few years ago (here CorelX3 and CorelX4) changes permissions on registry keys. It is unlikely that these 2 applications are the only ones that do that. Could it be, I say, COULD IT BE that installing some or even many older programs invokes this kind of permission change and stops apps from working in windows 8.1? Hmmm? It's not impossible, is it? So MAYBE just maybe this is a general problem that may even explain a lot of app crashes and store failures, in windows 8.1. I'm just saying ...

    And with that in mind, the fix microsoft mention is general, may apply to all sorts of apps, but only requires looking at the keys, and is worth trying. Maybe the nightmare is almost over, for some at least ...
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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, yankydwad.

    I don’t think that’s been mentioned in the thread that I remember. That does make a lot of sense. Thanks for posting that solution! I’m quite sure it will help someone.
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    I too, am having identically the same issues as described. But haven't tried anything for fear of really screwing things up. And also thank you for the errors look-up hook-up, it really helped me! I agree Microsoft has really done it this time hopefully they will get it fixed before it gets any worse (if it in fact can).
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    Metro Apps Crash on Launch - New Data


    This is information that I have not seen on the thread yet (I think). I am running a Dell Studio with Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit. I am also dual booting with Windows 7.

    I have my computer set in the BIOS to autoboot at 6 AM every morning. This has been working flawlessly for over six months, and have had no problems with launch of metro apps. But a week ago (approximately) the metro crash syndrome started occurring. Rebooting the machine corrects the problem.

    Perhaps one of the recent Windows 8.1 updates has precipitated this and somehow the autoboot could be involved but I am at a loss to understand how. No other changes have been made to the computer. Hopefully, this snippet of additional information might trigger a solution.

    Any advice or thoughts will be appreciated.

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    Thanks Montenegrina for the helpful Weather solution. Microsoft should of course fix this asap.
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    Can I chime in with the same problem?

    I use my laptop mostly for word processing and Internet browsing and starting approximately last week (November 16th) Metro apps have ceased to run. My list of tested apps so far is pretty short, but:
    - Bing Weather (sidenote: the live tile works fine, but the app itself fails to run)
    - Wordament
    - PC Settings

    Events logged include IDs 5793 and 5951, as usual.

    Steps I have taken after enough searches to waste an evening:

    - Reviewed permissions mentioned in the MSKB article Win8: App: Modern: Apps fail to start if default registry or file permissions modified and everything checked out fine (save one registry key -- HKLM/Drivers -- but adding the All App Packages permissions there did not yield any visible changes as of yet)
    - Some pages suggested it's related to being part of a network domain. I do have my PC configured on a local network domain but the problem didn't occur until recently.
    - Some pages suggested running a System Restore to an earlier restore point. I'm taking no action on this lead yet, but my available restore points are "Critical Update" points dated November 19th and November 12th -- and I can safely ignore the first one.

    The next lead I'm going to test is to uninstall/reinstall some Metro apps to verify if the problem persists.
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    Running task manager and resource monitor highlights resource problems which facilitates crashes. My iPhone update crashed repeatedly after a windows update when MIcrosoft's defrag and Norton's 360 backup overloaded the disk.
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    Process Monitor is ... verbose. Exactly what am I looking for? Process name(s), etc. I'm currently using the "PC Settings" app as my testcase.

    [EDIT] - Okay, looks like I might have missed performing a step somewhere -- called "reboot the machine" -- because now everything appears to be resolved. I did review my file permissions as stated in the KB article (found & fixed one directory missing the AAP permissions), but when that did not appear to change anything I tried using a System Restore to my Nov. 12 restore point. (A process which took approximately 15 minutes.) Tested Bing weather app and instead of the Launch.Contract error, I got a "failed to start in the alloted time" error instead. Did not test PC settings app. System Restored to my current status (another 15 minutes) and Metro apps are now working again.
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    Crashes Caused by Resource Bottlenecks

    My apologies for being, too general with the advice of running task manager and resource monitor. The main reasons for crashes are resource problems, bad memory, bad drivers, bad hard drives. My latest crashes occurred with Itunes after a Windows update. As seen below the average disk response time in the worst case was 20,010 ms (20 seconds). This caused Itunes to incompletely load the phone, which became useless. Checking how heavily the disk, memory and CPU are loaded points to a resource problem. In my case, the defrag service and the n360.exe (Norton 360 backup) used up the disk resource after an update. By leaving the computer alone for an hour or so, the defragging and n360.exe finished using up the disk.

    If all the resources are loaded less than 80% in most cases, then resource bottlenecks are not the problem. Though if one core is loaded 100%, which shows up as 25% on my 4 core processor, the program running on that core may have a problem.Click image for larger version
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Windows 8.1: Most Metro Apps crash immediately at launch
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