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8.1: Modern UI app process persistence after closing

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    8.1: Modern UI app process persistence after closing

    As the title suggests, in Windows 8.1, Modern UI app processes continue to run after I've closed the actual apps. I don't know if this behavior is intentional or not, nor do I know of any way to prevent it. I know in Windows 8.0, just about all apps stopped their processes after you close them. So why the persistence now in Windows 8.1? Caching/speed improvement? Is this unique to my system or is there a setting that can stop this behavior? I'd test part of this myself, except I don't currently have access to my other systems at home.

    System details:

    Windows 8.1 x64 fully updated via Windows Update
    All apps fully updated from Windows 8.1 store

    As always, any help is greatly appreciated.

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    So why the persistence now in Windows 8.1? Caching/speed improvement?
    Seen from MS's side: Spying\Monetization improvement? Maybe. lol

    Check in Task Manager now and then, and do some 'ending'.
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    Okay, so they can be stopped/killed under the task manager. While that is good, the fact that I have to do that much to stop every last app is very inconvenient. Why can't they just work like they did to start with--i.e. actually stopping after they are closed?
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    All You Need to Know :

    App close

    Generally, users don't need to close apps, they can let Windows manage them. However, users can choose to close an app using the close gesture or by pressing Alt+F4. You can't include any UI in your app to enable the user to close your app, or it won't pass the Store certification process.
    There's no special event to indicate that the user has closed an app.
    In Windows 8, after an app has been closed by the user, it's suspended and terminated, and then enters the NotRunningstate within about 10 seconds.
    In Windows 8.1 and later, after an app has been closed by the user, the app is only removed from the screen and switch list without being terminated.
    Note If your app depends on the closed-by-user behavior of Windows 8, you can enable this behavior in your app when you upgrade it to Windows 8.1. To enable the closed-by-user behavior of Windows 8, set your Windows 8.1 app to terminate when the last window is closed with theWindows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationView.TerminateAppOnFinalViewClose property.
    If an app has registered an event handler for the Suspending | suspending event, it is called when the app is suspended. You can use this event handler to save relevant application and user data to persistent storage.
    Closed-by-user behavior of Windows 8: We recommend that you decide how your app behaves when it's activated after being closed by the user. It may make no difference to you whether the app was terminated by Windows or by the user. If your app needs to do something different when it is closed by the user than when it is closed by Windows, you can use the activation event handler to determine whether the app was terminated by the user or by Windows. See the descriptions of ClosedByUser and Terminated states in the docs for the ApplicationExecutionState enumeration.
    We recommend that apps not close themselves programmatically unless absolutely necessary. For example, if an app detects a memory leak, it can close itself to ensure the security of the user's personal data. When you close an app programmatically, Windows treats this as an app crash.
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8.1: Modern UI app process persistence after closing
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