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Installing software with Sub menus - too many metro panels get created

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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Installing software with Sub menus - too many metro panels get created

    Hi all
    It seems to me that this is one area needs a bit of working on -- if you have an application that has loads of sub menus -- so that in total you might have 30 choices then the entire 30 are shown up on the metro panels meaning you have to right scroll forever to get to the option you want.

    IMO the metro tiles / panels should have the MAIN Menu with the titles of the sub menus and when you click on a sub menu it should operate like the "Old fashioned" way and give you a list of your choices.

    Difficult to explain but basically if you have software

    application ---->configuration-> options1

    ->uninstall ->etc1

    ->features_a -> etc2

    ->features_b -> etc3


    Instead of the tiles giving the whole kybosh we should get the top level application
    then it should expand as required.

    If you've installed a lot of applications (I've got as many running now on W8 as I had on a daily use W7 system) the number of panels is getting totally absurd !!!. It's NOT a mobile phone where you can just flip each section on to the main phone panel like a smart phone.

    I've had to make some desktop short cuts from the desktop application -- that's not what I want --If I want W7 I'll run W7 -- no point in "cloning" W8 to look like W7 otherwise what's the point.

    I quite like the metro ui idea (and I'm not a youngster) but it definitely needs more work on it to be incorporated in a fully blown Workstation or desktop OS running a whole slew of different applications.


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    You can always just scroll your mouse and, additionally, unpin the items you desire not to see ...
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there

    2 probs with that method

    1) Unpinning or hiding makes it difficult to find the application when you Do need it

    2) Scrolling with the mouse was one of the original problems -- there's just SO many metro apps after a while that I'm scrolling leftwards for ever.!!!!

    What IMO would be really simple would be just for the main Apps to have the standard metro panel, and when you click on that a SMALLER SEPARATE POPUP WINDOW would appear with the rest of the sub menus in Metro UI format -- and then a final popup for the bottom line or lowest element of the menu.

    Actually although I haven't done any programming for Donkeys Years this sounds like a nice little project to look at when I've got some time.

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Installing software with Sub menus - too many metro panels get created
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