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Some apps run when included in startup folder & some don't

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    Have applied ALL the suggestions and 'fixes'. None of them have solved the problem. I still have
    some items item in my Startup Folder starting at boot up and some don't. My original problem
    is unchanged .


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    Hi Brink and thanks for the reply.

    Is there any way or app i can use to make each folder remember its view settings? It is frustrating for me because i have a folder for example full of logo images and i want to see it as large thumbails and then if i go one folder up, i need to see everything as list, because i have there many folders. If i set any of those two folders to any view setting, it will auto make both of them use the same settings. It only remembers libraries view settings but i want all my pc folders to remain exactly as i set them... i wonder if Microsoft considers this is too much to ask lol
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    If you are doing this in a library, then that is why this is happening. All added folders in a library will share the same folder view no matter which added folder the view was set in.

    Only if you view folders outside of libraries (ex: "C:\Users\(user-name)\Pictures") are the folder views remembered per folder.
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    Brink, THANKS, you are right. I just noticed this
    Please now tell me how can i add the taskmgr.exe to the statup folder, or use whatever method to make it start automatically with windows and also minimized. I am very used to keep an eye on the cpu all the time when i work.
    And also how to fix my mouse double click problem. I had to change my mouse because of this... i read on microsoft site that they have many mouse problems in win 8.1 and nothing can be done at this moment
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    You're welcome DJ.

    You should be able to use what I posted above to create an elevated shortcut, and place that in the Startup folder instead.

    You should go ahead and post the other issue in a new thread though so as to keep this one on topic. I'll be happy to help with it there.
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    I created an elevated shortcut with taskschd.exe just like in the above link and now the taskmgr.exe is starting at windows logon. However when i used to add the shortcut to the startup folder in win 7, i set the shortcut properties to start as minimized as i want it to always start as minimized. Now the only problem remaining is how to set it to start as minimized in this case with the task scheduler?

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    The problem is that the elevated shortcut of Task Manager actually opens a command prompt that then opens Task Manager elevated. When you set the elevated shortcut to run "Minimized", all it does it run the command prompt minimized which does nothing for Task Manager.

    The catch 22 is that elevated programs are not allowed to run at startup unless using this type of workaround which pretty much will not let you run the intended program minimized since the command prompt runs first.
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    How about making a *.bat file which will run the shortcut for taskmgr with the run minimized set, and make a scheduled task which will run the .bat file?
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Some apps run when included in startup folder & some don't
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