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Excel Find & Delete problem

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    Excel Find & Delete problem

    I'm trying to modernize a Wordpad inventory list to Excel 2013 with a problem.
    Item description & quantity are now pasted into the same Excel cell.
    It's written with item description followed by inventory account in ( ) Since the inventory is inaccurate we need to just delete all ( ) and numbers inside which vary from 1-6 digits.

    I tried Find & Replace with wildcards. I also tried the =Left and =Right functions after reading about them.

    It looks like this
    2" Caps (98)
    3" Caps (1257)
    4" Caps (188)
    6" Caps (89)
    5' Wire (12500)

    It should look like this
    2" Caps
    3" Caps
    4" Caps
    6" Caps
    5' Wire

    Thank you
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    Here's a formula that will do what you say you wanted but I don't think it's really want you want.


    If you have the data in column A and put that formula into B1, then copy and paste it into the rest of the cells in column B, then you will end up with the text in column B minus the (xxx). With your example data it will look like this:

    Click image for larger version
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    I appreciate that strollin but I'll have to try it later. Will post the results.
    Wonder how long it to come up with that word 'CONCATENATE' ?
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    There was a space between the 2 columns of text but after it posted, the 2 columns joined.

    I corrected original post and I think strollin's formula will give needed results.
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    Thank you strollin. It worked perfect.
    Just one more ? How do I make it work for the whole page at once?
    I know about grabbing the handle and pulling it down. Not that I'm lazy but because I want to learn what tools Excel gives me and how to use them.
    I tried inserting $ before A1 but that didn't work. (maybe that only works for Conditional formatting) which I learned about last week
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    Now that you fixed your original post it's what I thought you would have wanted in the first place. The concatenate function is no longer needed and the formula can be shortened to:


    You can't apply the formula to the whole sheet at once but you could write a VBA macro that would loop thru the rows on column A and do the same thing as the formula above.
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    I understand what you mean about VBA macro.

    I also posted my original msg in another group.

    This was a different solution that works by splitting a whole column where needed. The response is below.

    Try the Text to Columns feature in the Data ribbon.

    Highlight the column with the data (only 1 column) then click on Text to Columns
    Select "Delimited" then Next
    Select "Other" and in the entry to the right type in "(" (without quotes)
    You should see 2 columns now
    Select Next and click in the 2nd column and select "Do Not Import Column"
    Click "Next" and you should have what you want
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    I've never used that feature but it seems to do the trick!
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Excel Find & Delete problem
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