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travel, weather etc load endlessly

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    travel, weather etc load endlessly

    i'm new to w8 so do pardon me if i'm asking about obvious stuff...

    i have a new samsung laptop running w8. i've created some (local) accounts, one of them (mine) with admin rights.

    i thought i'd check what all these tiles do so i click on "travel": it shows a generic screen and it's loading endlessly without doing anything..

    i go back to the begin screen and click on "weather".. same: it's loading endlessly.

    i go back to the begin screen and click on a tile that apparently shows some news headline.. same: it's loading endlessly.

    i go to maps.. everything is so blured, you cannot tell the countries. I waited a bit: the map remains blured..

    I opened firefox and checked whether there's no internet, and that might be the problem, but there is.

    that's what i call a very bad "welcome"..

    am i doing something wrong?

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    Hello Skylos, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    You might see if going through the troubleshooting steps in the tutorial below may be able to help.

    Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8

    Hope this helps,
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    thanks, Brink.

    I had a look but I don't feel like recovering apps on a new computer..

    In addition, the tiles were not the only thing that didn't work.. i've tried to watch a youtube video and ofcourse i had to install flash player.. only it wouldn't install automatically and instead it adviced me to install it manually.. but that didn't work either..

    They offer all these unwanted tiles, things i don't care about, exactly like my android cellphone, so that i own a laptop and a cellphone that are bought with my money but are customized on some alien creature.. I suppose, operating systems go through some fascistic era.. I surely hope there will soon come more democratic days..

    And these unwanted tiles don’t even work, at least in my case.. And we are talking about a new laptop with a new o.s. When u offer a o.s.full of tiles, and the tiles don’t work, it's the o.s. that doesn’t work.

    So I thought I’d install W7 which is a rather descent o.s. I had trouble finding how to boot from a dvd cause it’s not at all straight forward on my Samsung laptop but I called their support and they told me all the magical changes I had to do in order to boot from the dvd.

    Anyway, at last I managed to start the W7 installation. I 've created 2 partitions —one for the system, one for the data— only to find out that W7 won't install on a GPT drive… Right now, I am stuck midway of the installation.

    Is there a way out of this nightmare?

    Owing a new laptop should make u happy.
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travel, weather etc load endlessly
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