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Installing my programs on Win 8

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    Installing my programs on Win 8

    I am running Windows 8 on my ASUS G750JX with my OS on a 256 gb SSD. Oviously I want that space for the operating system with some essential programs (photoshop, Lr5, Walcom tablet).

    Window 8 partitions the SSD with the OS on partition C that has 45gb remaining and partition D that has a total of

    On what partition do I install photoshop and Lr5 on?, C where the OS is installed or on D or dose it matter?
    Thanks for your help...

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    Most programs have an option to select custom instalation which allows you to choose a different location from the default, but not all. Even choosing a custom location some files will still need to be installed in C: drive.

    Since you have the SSD partitioned into two: 110 GB & 145GB approximately. 110GB is plenty of space and normally the ideal for Windows OS is in between 60~80GB. I have tons of applications installed in C: and it only take about 40GB, that's including PS CS6 both 32 & 64 bit and they take about 1.4GB with Adobe Bridge.

    If it were my laptop, I would shrink my C drive to about 70GB and use the rest for storing data only. The advantages:
    1. If the softwares are not well written, even it allows you to install in other drive, but it will break in some cases.
    2. Easier to maintain and backup.
    3. If for some reason your Windows breaks, you needn't have to worry about losing data when refresh, reset.

    In addition, Adobe photoshop is a huge program that takes 1.4GB. Most application when installed only take 100MB~400MB average. So my advice is to keep Windows & Applications in C.
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    Thank you, good information. Even with the D partition still on the SSD it is best to keep os and software on the C partition?
    Thanks again.
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Installing my programs on Win 8
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