I have the Citrix Receiver metro store app and need it to allow connections to HTTP stores (default only allows https)

On the regular application it's a simple registry change. On Metro it's in the configuration file located in C:/Program files\WindowsApps\(Citrix receiver folder)

The problem is, even when i place the WindowsApps folder under my user name control and provide full control to all subfolders and items I still get an access denied when i make any modifications to any items under WindowsApps. I can delete the folders, I can add folders, but i cannot overwrite items or add items because the folders and items show up as "read only" and stays locked at read only even when i remove the read only attribute.

How can i allow for modifications to windows store apps?

*The reason why I am pushing for this is because of 8.1's Assigned Access mode for Windows 8 pro that allows me to only allow users access to a single windows STORE app*