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Flash Player stopped working in Metro version of Chrome?

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    Flash Player stopped working in Metro version of Chrome?

    I've been using Flash Player in the Metro version of Chrome for quite a while now, and it's been fairly useful since the the Metro version of IE is oddly crippled. I like the Metro interface, but not the way web browsers have been crippled to use NO plugins.

    Just today, Chrome started giving me a pop-up message saying that I can't use Flash Player unless I run in legacy/desktop mode.

    Is this just my version of Chrome messing up in some way, or was this change actually made? I really don't understand why on earth they would cripple the Windows 8/Metro mode all of a sudden. What's going on?

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    There was an update to Chrome today.
    Maybe that affected it.


    September 10th, 2013.
    Welcome to Flash Player 11.8 and AIR 3.8. In today's release, we've updated Flash Player and the AIR runtime and SDK with multiple stability and security related fixes.

    Fixed Issues

    September 10th, 2013

    • 3587773 - [External bug][iOS]Creating too many FileStream objects will cause app to crash on iOS
    • 3601024 - [Safari OS X 10.9] - File Downloads now work
    • 3611679 - [HTTP Live Streaming] [WebVTT] - Caption colors now render correctly
    • 3507613 - [Win7 IE10] - A Microsoft update to Internet Explorer corrects the following issue: Mouse movement interferes with Flash Player display updates
    • 3575123 - [Mac][FullScreen, MouseLock] - Corrects an issue where when the mouse movement values for a given frame were identical to the values of the preceding frame, the values returned would be zero
    • 3609793 - [Chrome] - Improved Audio Latency path is enabled by default
    • 3507613 - [Internet Explorer 10] [Win7] - An update to IE10 resulted in an improvement where instantiating an ActiveX Flash Player instance in IE 10 using a Windowless Mode (opaque or transparent) now works
    • 3597568 - [MacOS 10.9] - Mavericks Developer Preview 3 corrects an issue where Flash Player configuration files were not readable by Flash Player
    • 3604526 - [IME CCJK] - The IME candidate window position no longer moves to the left when the composition string extends beyond a single line in a textfield
    • 3583135 - [HTTP Live Streaming] [WebVTT] - Changing the options on a caption no longer erroneously resets that caption's position
    • 3602519 - [Chrome] [PPAPI] - Video on now plays correctly
    • 3609793 - [Chrome] [PPAPI] - Audio latency improvements are enabled by default
    • 3613819 - [iOS7] [AIR]- Using app asks permission for accessing the Microphone even when microphone API is not used in the app
    • 3587452 - [Android] [AIR] - 144x144 image size icon should be supported on android
    • 3570724 - [Flash Access] - Ability to specify a shorter timeout for license response
    • 3580139 - [Chrome] [PPAPI] [Mac] - - video playback stopped after exiting full-screen mode
    • 3580607 - [Chrome] [PPAPI] - Resolves video jitter after exiting fullscreen mode on an embedded YouTube video
    • 3572762 - [HTTP Live Streaming] [Web VTT] - A stream with WebVTT captions now plays all of the captions available in a stream
    • 3572767 - [HTTP Live Streaming] [Web VTT] - Captions are no longer erroneously broken across multiple lines
    • 3577355 - [HTTP Live Streaming] [Web VTT] - Captions are now displayed when seeking backwards in a video stream
    • 3577367 - [HTTP Live Streaming] [Web VTT] - Caption customizations are now displayed on the correct frame
    • 3583137 - [HTTP Live Streaming] [Web VTT] - Captions are now displayed with the correct font weight
    • 3586532 - [HTTP Live Streaming] [Web VTT] - Ampersand, Less Than and Greater Than cue escape characters are now correctly displayed
    • 3583922 - [Internet Explorer] - ExternalInterface now works correctly in instances where SWF content was embedded using only the tag.
    • 3599625 - [Internet Explorer] - Fullscreen Mode now works correctly on
    • 3582320 - [Win8] [ARM] - Flash video now appears as expected on Orange : tlphones, forfaits, Internet, actualit, sport, video
    • 3600931 - [Win8] - Playback Controls are now rendered correctly on CNN Video - Breaking News Videos from
    • 3590934 - [Win8] [Firefox] - When the Windows display settings are zoomed to 150%, the right-click context menu in Flash Player now works correctly
    • 3606308 - [Android][SecureSocket] [AIR] - Application getting crash when trying to connect with host contains SSL certificate.
    • 3077653 - [iOS] [AIR] - Creating too many FileStream objects will cause app to crash on iOS.
    • 717340 - [Mozilla] [Mac] [Dual Monitor] - Fixes an issue where the Cursor disappeared when moving from Full-Screen video in the second display to Firefox/Safari in the primary display.
    • 3560721 - [iOS] [AIR] - Application crashes having Microphone running for 10 to 20 mins
    • 3572885 - [Android] [AIR] - 'orienattionChange' event is not fired when Stage rotated through setOrientation() method
    • 3554585 - [Android] [AIR] - Stage is blank in GPU mode because of rotationY property
    • Multiple stability and security fixes

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Bailey View Post
    There was an update to Chrome today.
    Maybe that affected it.

    Looks like it. It only stopped working today, but I was able to fix it by completely uninstalling Chrome and reinstalling the latest version.

    So, looks like it was a bug after all. The update just somehow confused Chrome into treating Flash as an external plugin when it wasn't, but a newly installed version doesn't have this issue.
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    The Shockwave flash crash is very annoying issue for mostly users . This Shockwave Flash Crash happens due to outdated browser, malfunctioning Windows Registry, Virus attack and corrupt DLL files. The precise and accurate solutions are given in the video tutorial that shall resolve your problem amicably.

    Shockwave Flash Crash -- Flash Keeps Crashing, Learn This FIX - YouTube

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Flash Player stopped working in Metro version of Chrome?
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