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Bad Software Installs

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    Bad Software Installs

    Hello all, I just installed the Windows 8 Dev version 8102 and I seem to be getting a lot of software that says the computer is busy with another install (Skype) or completely errors out (iTunes 10.5). These problems started with I tried installing Windows Live Essentials.

    Does anyone know of fixes around these bugs?

    P.S. - Windows 8 is kick ***. I can't wait for the final version!

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    Go into Task Manager and see if there are any installation inprogresss, usually setup.exe or msiexc. End it and then reinstall your softwares.
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    Thanks so much! Normally I don't have those active but dormant processes holding things up. And normally restarting the computer fixed things in Windows 7.

    Well none the less thanks for the help, I'm most certainly coming back here if I have more questions.
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    If software isn't install correctly the install may stick around even after reboot. Rarely though.

    But yeh no problems at all, we're all her to help out.
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    Also, the two you mentioned, in particular, ( Itunes and WLE9, normally are not resident installs and have to go to those sites and download the programs, before installing them. perhaps they were still busy downlaoding, which is part of the install process as seen by the OS
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    Ok, I've got good news and bad news. Good news is Skype and WLE 2011 works. Bad news is iTunes is still being stubborn and gets stuck on install. Any advice?

    Also I love my avast Anti virus and my HP printer. Any pointers on those?

    ** EDIT ** -- I'm giving up on iTunes and avast for now. My HP Printer installed with basic drivers. Still experimenting!
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Bad Software Installs
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