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    Mate, if you have a printer connected to your machine in any capacity it should print to it. I like the fact that you can "Open in ..".

    From a browser tab you can transpose the data onto the real Office program at a click of a button ... it's pimp

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    Even on a remote Skydrive connection, aem?

    I haven't browsed this enough yet but, let me cheat and just tell me me how I can do it.

    Let's say I have a computer connected at the office to an Oce plotter and I'm at home. I desire to send a few prints that way so my associate, who has the job of opening the office while I stay home in my pajamas, can hand them off to the client (already printed).

    Is that possible with Skydrive?
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    I don't know if you can do it with your Skydive from home unless that plotter is connected to your home machine in some way (and you can print stuff from your home to your work plotter, but you can share your file with your associate and he can use his Skydive to print.
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    Well, I guess I could just as easily email it to him, as well.

    Still, thanks, aem!

    I'm gonna delve into this Skydrive stuff quite a bit more.
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    Here's a couple more tuts on it from SF if interested.

    Windows Live SkyDrive - Map Drive - Windows 7 Forums
    SkyDrive - Upload to from Windows 7 Desktop - Windows 7 Forums

    BTW aem, I edited the thread title and Poll title to Skydrive, as you put skydive with both of them.
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    Thanks, Aaron. Much appreciated.
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    Thanks Airbot, my eyes aren't as good as they used to be...hehe
    New shortcuts on my desktop
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    I use Skydrive every day and have done since it launched some years ago for my small business run from home, and i also store all my photo's on skydrive just by uploading them from within Live Photo Gallery.
    It a good product which gives you 25 gigs of online storage.

    Can't use a pc without it now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twdawson View Post
    I use Skydrive every day and have done since it launched some years ago.
    Not Wave 4, and the latest Wave 5 though.
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    Who cares whether it was wave this or that, or version whatever, all it is to me is a place to store and backup files.
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Who's using SkyDrive?
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