Hello, for the past 2 days the Netflix App for windows 8 has been acting up.
It started when the Store app kept crashing and suggested that I refresh my PC, Take note that netflix worked like a charm before this. So I refreshed my PC, set everything up and such, then I try to launch netflix. All is fine in the start, it starts to load, the dots spin in the circle, then they stop spinning for a few seconds staying in place, then they dissapear for a 1-8 seconds, then netflix will minimize, bringing me to my start menu, not even showing a error. I have tried re-installing it, seeing if windows was activated, Syncing it, checking for updates, updating all my other apps to see if it had something to do with that, downloading the most recent version of Silverlight, but it didnt work. Its getting really frustrating because I just want to watch my movies.