Using search in the Photos app I'm able to search for photos by their tags. However, it seems I'm only able to search for one tag at a time. For example searching for linda correctly gives me all photos tagged with "Linda".

Now I want to see all photos of Linda in the USA so I enter linda usa in the search which returns nothing. I try to use quotation marks: "linda" "usa". At first this seems to return the correct photos but at a closer look a couple of photos not tagged "USA" at all also makes it through. Seems like a bug to me!

Finally I try "linda" "usa" "beach"which returns nothing although there are tons of photos that are tagged with those three tags.

Should I be using some other syntax when searching for photo tags? Does Microsoft plan to improve the Photos app in this aspect?

I know for example the Windows Photo Gallery works nicely for filtering out images by their tags but I really like how the Photos app works and looks when it comes to browsing and viewing photos. In my opinion, Microsoft should really focus to make these apps, like the Photos app, work as good as possible to show how nice Windows 8 can be to work with and look at.