Hey all,

I'm looking for something to help manage the conditions under which Windows 8 sleeps and doesn't sleep depending on what my PC is doing, as it seems incredibly random by default.

If possible I would also like an easy way to manage which devices and peripherals are allowed to wake the PC up, as determine wake event sources for trouble shooting (I know you can do this with the powercfg command and event logs, but it's quite troublesome).

eg. I would like to be able to set a 15 minutes idle = sleep condition, but prevent my PC from going to sleep when I'm streaming media via Serviio DLNA to my TV, playing audio, or while I have actively running downloads. I would like it to go to sleep, for example, when five minute average network I/O is less than 128kbps, CPU is idle, stuff like that.

Anyone know of any software that provides this functionality?