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Problem with the notification pop ups

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    Problem with the notification pop ups

    Some days ago I installed Growl for Windows, which is a taskbar notifications manager. I didn't like it, so I uninstalled it. But since then, I've noticed that any notification pop up from Windows it's no longer showing. When a notification should appear, this happens:

    Click image for larger version

    The pop up doesn't show. In this case the pop up that should appear it's from the Realtek Manager (the red speaker icon) but what happens is that the notification icon (that was hidden) appears, but the pop up won't show. Also the icon stays unhidden until I click on him or click on the "Show hidden icons" button.

    This is it. It's not big deal but is a little annoying. I would appreciate any help.

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    Go to Control Panel - Notification Area Icons and see how they are setup.

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    In the control panel all the icons are set properly. The Realtek Manager icon for example is in the "only show notifications" option, like all the other icons that are presenting the same problem (all the icons have the problem). I've used the "Restore Default Icon Behavior" option but still the same.

    Thanks for your reply!
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    Notification or alerts/new windows do not pop up

    Hi there,

    Wondering if I can get some help here? I am a new win 8.1 user.. I have 2 problems.. now that I fixed some of the others... but I am stumped...

    I am used to alert windows popping up when you are doing something, for instance, when moving or copying files, in older versions of windows, a window would pop up and show you the progress of what you are doing. I get those, but they stay minimized on my task bar... how do I make them pop up so I don't have to manually go down there and open the window?

    I also have a question about Facebook app.. I am running a brand new computer with win 8.1 installed, but when I go to the win store, I see facebook app but when I try to d/l it, it says my computer is out of date and I need to install win 8.1... I have done all the current updates etc... and still can't get it to load.. have to use facebook via browser... any help would be greatly appreciated...

    This OS is certainly taking some getting used to... and it certainly is NOT for the tech challenged... luckily, I am not lacking in skills or patience or the ability to ask for help/research solutions....

    Thanks in advance,

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    Windows 8

    Hey RentacopBC,

    You catch me awake. I don't know if you noticed this thread is 7 months old. I think it would be much more effective to create a new thread than writing in an old one.

    Anyway, for your first issue it seems is something you must adapt to in Windows 8 background - How to force copy/move dialog in Windows 8 to be always launched in the foreground? - Super User. However, Lifehacker recommends a nice program called Teracopy that makes copying files way faster (I haven't tested myself) and maybe, just maybe, it could solve your problem. Check out the Lifehacker article and here's the download link TeraCopy for Microsoft Windows - Code Sector

    About the Facebook app issue, I don't really know what could be happening. I don't use many Windows 8 apps. Actually, I think the Windows 8 Store is pretty messy. Maybe the Facebook app is part of the issue.

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Problem with the notification pop ups
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