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Best software to backup documents and pictures

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    Best software to backup documents and pictures


    I have recently installed windows 8.1 preview on my laptop and my desktop. I have all my files and data stored on a western digital my passport ultra external 2 TB hard drive, and I keep only applications and software on smaller SSD drives in my computers. This way I can use any PC I wish to work with my files, as I only need to plug the hard drive to the machine I want to use.

    I also have a working synology DS212+ NAS at home for storage purposes.

    I would like to setup a backup system, where my computer would automatically make backups from my external WD hard drive to the NAS, when the external hard drive is plugged in. Could you recommend some software to do that? I tried using windows 8 file history, but I wasn't able to configure it to backup files on external hard drive, as a only wanted to backup my documents and libraries.


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    Hi there
    I'd recommend some commercial software like Acronis where it's easy to backup by FOLDERS as well as creating Disk images. You will also need INCREMENTAL backup support to which these programs have and can schedule the jobs to run when you want them to (It will also back up your OS which you should do regularly anyway -- back the OS up as an IMAGE -- don't forget the small system partition too if it exists).

    For DATA you only really need to backup everything ONCE every so often - not every day etc - and then take a load of incremental backups (these are backups where you just backup the CHANGES to any data files).

    So prepare a worksheet initially -- say use a spread sheet. (A piece of paper - What's that' !! will do too) with a suggestion of a work list something like this.

    1) Backup OS +Apps
    2) Group DATA folders into categories -- say MUSIC, PHOTOS, OFFICE type DOCUMENTS, GAME DATA, EMAIL, Private Scans (such as copies of bills / tax returns etc etc).
    3) Backup (Full) each category ONCE
    4) As required - even nightly backup (Incrementally) your categories - this should be incredibly quick and not use much backup space.

    5) Once every so often make a NEW Full backup of your data as 3) above. I'd do the full backup at least once a month.

    (For restore the latest version of a directory / file you need to start the restore from the last FULL version and then the incrementals).

    Obviously frequency of backups etc depends on how much you CHANGE what is essentially static data -- for instance Music files probably only GROW so I doubt if you'd get too many changes.

    It's not easy designing a proper backup strategy - but PLAN IT before you start.

    Incidentally you can use Disk SPANNING where a group of physical disks is seen by windows as a SINGLE volume - allowing for example 6 X 500GB older HDD's to be seen as a single 3TB drive -- can be useful when using data storage for backing up etc.

    To set this up - backup anything you want to keep from the original HDD's - then change them to DYNAMIC DISKS (Disk management) and then Create SPANNED VOLUMES against the volumes you want to SPAN. Windows explorer will now show the spanned set as a single volume.

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    Also, stay away from a program call "Memeo". It's a CPU hog and slows start-up significantly, and constantly asks you to upgrade, then when you click upgrade, it tries to sell you something.
    It's Seagate's default program. Jimbo has sound advice, I had the same question floating in the back of my head. Thanks!
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Best software to backup documents and pictures
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