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Hiren's Boot CD illegal Warez ?

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    Hiren's Boot CD illegal Warez ?

    See this link :

    Hirens Boot CD 15.1 DLC version (with mini Windows 7) - Hiren's Boot CD -

    It would appear to be illegal.
    Some countries banned it (Italy & Vietnam for starters) because it violated copyright laws.

    Is this all true ?

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    Hi David,

    It all comes down to the HBCD content. There are several categories of software:
    1. Open Source - pretty legal, given the HBCD follows the distribution license
    2. Freeware - may violate the software EULA, if the software author doesn't permit such ways of distribution
    3. Shareware - same as 2.
    4. Paid software (not shareware) - same as 2 and 3, but more likely to violate EULA

    The huge number of freeware and shareware tools on the list makes me doubt HBCD complies with every single EULA. And "Mini Windows XP"... cough... makes it even trickier to pass the legal test

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    Hi there
    If you've got a copy and want to use it -- take the US Military stand on Gay people in the Military -- Don't Ask - Don't Tell-- would be the best option here.

    Now whether you WANT to use it -- that's between you and your maker -- You aren't the only person on this planet who've ever used torrent sites -- even I'm guilty at times like early leaked previews of W7 and W8. I still download some TV series that would never be shown where I live -- I would be happy to PAY for these if I could get them but the people at Hollywood etc still persist with the stupid idea of restricting content that can be shown on things like Netflix, HULA etc to certain areas only.

    I doubt if a few Pirate viewers in Iceland would make ANY difference whatsoever to the profits some of these people get -- and we do have FAST BROADBAND -- we don't have enough channels for people to broadcast this via terrestrial TV anyway and a lot of people don't give a monkey's toss for a lot of TV - so there's no market for the terrestrial broadcasters to show this stuff. So why not open up things like Netflix internationally. This would create a decent revenue stream for the content owners while at the same time considerably reducing Piracy.

    BTW I didn't realize DVD's were STILL regionally encoded -- that's a joke -- I always use AnyDVD to copy to HDD which de-regionalizes and decrypts them anyway .

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    There are many different programs from different authors on Hiren's boot disk. Most are real freeware, others complain that they need registration and some are Linux based but about Mini XP, no comment. I don't use it anymore because most parts are obsolete and there are many newer ones that can be run from USB memory stick more efficiently.
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Hiren's Boot CD illegal Warez ?
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