Hi there
For those who use SKY GO software the restriction on the number of computers is really annoying -- if you don't take the EXTRA option (7 EUR / 5 GBP a month extra) then you can only use ONE computer -- crazy since a lot of people have a mobile when travelling and a desktop at home and you can only SWITCH once a month.

However you can set up a NEW USER on another computer (up to 9 users) - and guess what -- the computer gets registered and you can start watching. !!! You have to set this up from your PRIMARY account though.

I use it for SKY SPORTS when I'm in hotels etc (outside UK use one of many proxies) mainly but it's quite good being able to set it up on a friend's place when I'm visiting instead of having to take a laptop.

Since this is LEGAL it's not doing anything like hacking or cracking so this tip IMO is perfectly OK and not in violation of SKY's contract either.

(Works fine on both W7 and W8).