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    Skype-Modern App

    Skype-Modern App

    Ok, I'm using the Modern Skype app and I want to change my picture.
    So I click on my user pic and I am taken to My Pictures folder.
    But I don't wanna be there, so I "Go Up" to the Users Folder and
    click/open Play. But I do not see App Data listed.

    What I would like to do is browse to this specific folder
    without leaving the Modern Skype app.


    Because that is where the picture I wish to use is located.

    I am well aware that I could drop out of the Modern interface
    and copy/move the file from there to the My Pictures folder.
    But why is one 'forced?' to take that extra step?

    So I guess the bottom line question is this....

    How does one SHOW hidden files and folders and then
    NAVIGATE to them within the Windows 8 Modern interface???

    Click image for larger version
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    Hello WinD....

    First off, I'm not a Metro person so could you explain how you were able to get that view? I can't seem to duplicate it?

    Next, have you tried enabling "show hidden files and folders" in the explorer view? Maybe those settings are global and will carry over to Metro? See screenshot:

    Click image for larger version
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    Up Up and Away?

    Open the Modern Skype app.

    Left click on your user picture and it will open the
    'Modern Browser?/File Explorer' to the My Pictures folder.

    Then just click "Go up" twice and then choose Computer.
    Once there click C:
    then Users
    then Your User Name

    You are then at the view I've posted.
    But alas, there are no hidden files or folders listed.

    And yes in WINDOWS File Explorer I have ticked; Show Hidden Files and Folders.
    Thus far it has not 'carried over' to the Modern/Metro File Explorer.

    Not a biggy if it is an impossibility, but I sure would appreciate a heads up
    that would state..."STOP TRYING YOU IDIOT; IT'S NOT DOABLE!!!"

    And then I would...stop trying :)

    Thanks for the reply


    ps.. You still hide extensions for known file types?
    That scares the heck out of me!



    GULP! Harmless my a** !
    ha ha ha
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    Thanks for that explanation. Unfortunately, I don't have Skype; therefore, I can't say that it cannot be done. I just found your view interesting so I thought I would inquire. Seems like I learn something new everyday! Thank you.
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Skype-Modern App
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