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A Disc lost inside my laptop?

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    A Disc lost inside my laptop?

    I have a Samsung Series 3 NP365 E5C- S02US laptop
    and a disc is lost inside it.I think the disc wasn't properly seated in the CD tray when I inserted it, and it never came out. The disc tray still slides in and out properly, and my laptop works. It's just, there's a CD in there somewhere.I've shined a flashlight inside it and i can't see anything, and i don't hear any rattling.

    how do i get it out? do i have to remove the optical drive?

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    You should be able to remove the DVD drive and then the disk will fall out the opening. See the below video on removing the DVD drive as it is normally one screw on the bottom of the laptop.
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A Disc lost inside my laptop?
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