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How can I add specific tag/label functionality to my Win8?

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    How can I add specific tag/label functionality to my Win8?

    ​Looking to add a specific tag/label based functionality to my computer.

    I have tons and tons of programs, photos, videos, documents, and other files on my Windows 8 computer, and I need a way to organize and search/filter them that meets some very specific criteria. Unfortunately, as I am sure that most are aware of these days, organization by folder is extremely llimited.

    For example, let’s say that I have a bunch of pictures. I have one of me and my brother celebrating his birthday. I may want to file that picture by “family”, “birthday”, and “Severin” – so that if I search on any of those, I can find it. Another picture may be a family cookout, maybe I want to file it by “family” and “summer 2013”.

    The way Google uses labels in Gmail would seem an ideal system, if something like that could be added. Here are some other criteria that my ideal system would use:

    -It would integrate itself into the operating system, so that when browsing I can access, see, and modify the tag of the files in the folder I am in without havening to launch a separate application. Access via right-click would be a plus.

    -It would be location independent – once I have tagged/labelled a file, I could then move that file from one location on my hard drive to another, and still pull it easily via tag/label searching without (of course) needing to know or specify where it is.

    -It would have to work with all file types. For example, even though I know Windows 8 have built in support for metadata tags, some video file types do not support it, and therefore Win8 cannot add tags to those files. Whatever the solution I wind up with, it must work on ALL files I care to tag.

    -Multi-tagging is also a critical feature – so I can select a group of files and tag them all at once, either to add, modify, or remove a tag, without of course altering any pre-existing tags other than the intended.

    -A bonus would be if it was aesthetically compatible with Windows 7/8, both in its look and feel and in it’s UI.

    -Finally, there would have to be a way for it to work across the network - I store all my files in a desktop Win8 Computer, but access the files from that computer, or from my laptop, or my media center, or my wife's computer. I would need to be able to do both searching and tagging from any computer with network access to the main one, even if I have to install the same software or plugins on each system individually.

    And, FWIW, this does not have to be a free product, though that's always nice - I can pay a reasonable price.

    So, does something that fulfills this need exist? Or does it not?


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    I assume you have already experimented with Windows Live Essentials; yes? If not, I have, and it can do much of what you are asking; however, not all (obviously). Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker both include the tagging functionality and have an embedded search for same. So, if you have tried this combination, could you please describe what it can't do for you so that interested forum members can have some method for comparison of products? Thanks.
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    I've used Windows Live Essentials, but obviously that does not give me a system embedded way to tag files under a single system - even if they are docs. And it is my (possibly incorrect) understanding that some files - certain video files, for example - do not support tagging in the metadata, which means that the ultimate solution to this need would have to have another way of storing tag or label info instead of within the file itself.

    I haven't tried any products yet for two reasons, 1) something as good as I am thinking will probably cost money, and I would rather spend money after hearing what others think, and 2) I hate junking up my system with a half dozen failed attempts to solve a problem, so doing some pre-research here would be a way to cut down on false attempts.

    Browsing I have come up with many products, such as:

    Elyse: Elyse - An efficient tag-based file manager
    TaggedFrog: TaggedFrog - Projects by Andrei Marukovich
    Tabbles: Tabbles | Document Management Software, File Tagging
    Tagit: Tagit : Ironic Software

    However, I don't want to just install them all and see, I would rather hear first what other people's expereinces are with these and similar solutions. Plus, if others are familiar enough with these kinds of solutions, they would know if my criteria are met by their recommendation.

    Does anyone have any insight for me?
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    Windows 8 Pro Windows 8.1 Preview

    Thank you for that detailed response to my inquiry. You also have provided some very good additional information as well. With that said, I'm hoping some other forum member is willing to take up this challenge and work with you because, now, I know that I don't have the background in this area to provide any further assistance. Anyway, good luck in your quest for this product. Thanks for posting.
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How can I add specific tag/label functionality to my Win8?
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