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    I haven't used a registry cleaner for years because they used to cause more problems than they fixed. What is this type of program like to use these days. Are they safe to just and let the program deal with problems or should you read through the lists and only pick for example registry entries for deleted programs that are still in registry manually?



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    Hello Tony,

    While I never had an issue using CCleaner's default settings, it would always be strongly recommended to verify that the registry entries are safe to delete before letting it. If in doubt don't let it.

    Usually entries for uninstalled programs are safe to be removed.
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    I will second what Brink said.
    Have been using CCleaner for a long time and I also use the Winapp2.ini
    I have never had it break any application or force me to reinstall windows

    I will state that, using the registry cleaner side of things in ANY registry cleaner App can cause problems if you do not know what you are doing.

    I don't recommend any novice use any registry cleaners at all. Even CCleaners Registry Cleaner.

    As far as cleaning Temp Files and that breaking Windows, never seen that either. Not saying that can't happen,, but,,
    That would be a very rare thing, something corrupted something else that caused that and it was just a coincidence.
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    Thanks guys, I will manually go through the obsolete entries of the registry before deleting when I use it. For the time being as my computer is actually running well with no issues for a week I think I'll leave. "It aint broke so I'm not gonna fix it"

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    Here's a link to the CCleaner forum (bug reporting area):

    CCleaner Bug Reporting - Piriform Community Forums

    Note that there have been 3,784 posts. You may want to read some of them before you try this application.

    Just an FYI.
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    I'll use it with caution, I used to use these type of programs in the past, good old Cleansweep was a favourite of mine but it sometimes caused more problems than it fixed so since Vista I didn't really use them.
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    New CCEnhancer 3.7 released. See first post for more details.
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    CCleaner always ask if you want to back the registry up before making any changes. I always do, although I've never needed to actually use the backups.

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    New CCleaner 3.28.1913 released. See first post for more details.
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    Thanks! I bought CCleaner and have the "Pro" version now. It's supposed to update automagically, so I'll check when I get home to see if it's updated.
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