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    Compass & Inclinator Questions

    Hi all

    I've just bought a Samsung Slate XE700T1C-A02AU. Apps from the App Store tell me it has, among other sensors, an Inclinator and Compass. Yet, I get no response from either as if the sensors exist but are disabled in some way. I've tried installing several compass apps but none work - the needle stays locked at North. I've tried this both within range of wifi and with wifi turned off. Any ideas? Also, can anyone tell me what sort of compass these come with?

    I should say, that while the Inclinator meters don't respond, the Accelerometer seems to display what the incline is on the XYZ axis. That is, even without G-force being applied, just gently leaning the tablet and holding it stationery, the Accelerometer gives a steady reading. Is this maybe where the Inclinator sensor is sending it's reading?

    If so, then I'm just down to the question about the type of compass and how to get it working.

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Compass & Inclinator Questions
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