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    Wireless Streaming Software

    Hi all.

    I hope I picked the correct forum for this post.

    I have an LG Blu-ray player with my HD television in my living room. The Blu-ray player came with some software that you could install on your computer if you want to use the Blu-ray player's wireless capability to access files on your computer and then view them over your television.

    The software is Nero MediaHome 4.

    It's basically been working fine. I inserted a USB wireless device into the Blu-ray player, installed the Nero software onto my computer, and then the Blu-ray is able to wirelessly access my router and I can stream pictures, video files, etc.

    I've come into some glitches recently: longer wireless access times from the Blu-ray into the computer (lag before the video file finally shows up on-screen on the television and plays); also, two (2) instances of Nero MediaHome in my Startup menu when I launch Task Manager and look at the Startup tab.

    I contacted Nero's tech support.....and they said that MediaHome 4 is no longer supported by them and may not be totally compatible with Windows 8 (I have Win 8, 64 bit).

    Does anybody know of any similar software that I can use to stream data wirelessly from my computer to my Blu-ray? Files such as jpegs, mpegs, mkv (matroska), etc.

    Thanks for any input and suggestions.

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    Edit: I just realized you're using a USB wifi dongle with your BD player, so it might not show up as an LG device in your media streaming options, but show up with the name of the wifi adapter?
    Original post:

    You might not have to use the Nero product at all.

    Nero MediaHome 4 came with my LG BlueRay player too, but I didn't bother to install it. I found out that Windows 8 will natively stream videos, pics, music, etc to DLNA-compliant devices (like my new Samsung F6300 series LCD TV & and my LG BD player). It was a tiny bit harder getting it to stream to my LG BP620 BD player (the Samsung TV worked out-of-the-box, my Win 8 PC wasn't showing up in the LG menus, anywhere!) but this is what worked for me:

    1. Go to "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings"
    2. Click on "All Networks", click on "Choose media streaming options..." under Media streaming.
    3. Find your LG device and click on "Customize..."
    4. Uncheck "Use default settings" and check "Make all of the media in my library available..."
    5. Click OK and see if your PC shows up on your LG player.

    You have to have a DLNA-compliant TV & BD player for this, but most stuff made in the last few years are. If this works for you you can uninstall the Nero app. Good luck!
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    Hi WiFi Ed; thanks for the reply!!

    It worked!!!

    Sort of.....

    I'll explain:

    Following your directions, I was able to use my Blu-ray player and access the content on my computer without using that Nero program at all.

    But.....when using this network sharing option using the media streaming through the Network and Sharing Center: Is it "picky" on what type of files it will access?

    Here's what I mean:

    I was able to access some mp4 files and play the videos on-screen on my television. But, there's a file in a folder that contains an .mkv (matroska) file, and it did not "see" it at all: it was reporting the folder as "empty".

    And it's not "seeing" pictures, either. Is it "picky" on .jpeg? .bmp?

    Thanks for any more info.
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    I'm not sure about the file types issue. I'll play around with it some more today and see if mine acts the same way as yours, and if it can or can't see jpegs & bmps. I'll let you know what happens....
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    Ok. I was able to view .jpg's thru the BD player after adding them to my Pictures library folder. But...

    I turned everything off, ate and took a shower. Turned it back on and now my LG BD player doesn't see my Win 8 pc anymore. I checked my settings and they haven't changed. The BD player does see the network and can get to the Internet, but not my PC anymore.

    This isn't too terrible for me, since my TV does all that streaming flawlessly, but I don't think I can be of much help with your LG issue.

    There are lots of other media server apps available, some free, some not. Might be worth looking at:
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Wireless Streaming Software
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