Hello I have many games that are working with this: like bioshock 2, GTA 4 EFLC, Section 8, to name a few and many others.
When I start these games, the game says no profile is signed in, and there is no where for me to sign in... and it won't save progress.

However Games for windows marketplace desktop version is running in background and can login and check stuff.

I noticed that from upgrading windows 7 installation to windows 8 the Sign in assistant seems to be missing.

So I install wllogin_32 wllogin_64 gfwlivesetup.exe wlsetup-all.exe (2012 essentials)... Where I first removed 2011 essentials and all previous stuff.

But still I can't save with any of these gay games using this!!! Can someone please assist?

I read some extensive threads on google saying install this and that, install windows live assistant, but i cant seem to install it! it's not present in add/remove software and when I doubleclick it just shows a screen of checking info superfast and then vanishes....

(section 8 predujice says games for windows not connected in the banner)