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After enabling Advanced boot options you can press the # 4 in the blue menu that appears after you restart, & enable booting into Safe Mode, where you can open Control Panel & Restore to a selected Restore Point.

An hour ago I got a BSOD.
Earlier I had downloaded the exe for the boot ui tuner.

I had enabled advanced boot options.

I restarted & the blue menu appeared giving various boot options.
Pressing "4" enabled Safe Mode.

It booted into Safe Mode & I chose a restore point & restored & now everything is back to normal.

For some reason I cannot boot into Safe Mode from any of the F keys.
I have a Gateway.

Being able to boot into Safe Mode saved me from acquiring a paperweight on my table.

Or restoring to factory specs, which is a pain.

I got the exe from - WinAero: Winaero - Free small and useful software for Windows

Some of you may find this a useful tool.

It's Freeware.