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WMP refusing to recognize songs in playlist

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    WMP refusing to recognize songs in playlist

    ok..two problems here..not enough space in the title.

    1, issue with windows media player.
    2, issue with xbox music.(win8 app)


    1, media player flat out refuses to recognize any of the songs in an album thats part of a 3 album playlist, now it'll recognize everything else just fine.

    2, for whatever reason... xbox music flat out refuses to recognize ANY music in a playlist when its made known to the app, now I can navigate to songs and play them just fine..but playlists? forget it. it looks at me like I've got two heads.

    I need some urgent help fellas.. I just got a new set of logitec z110 usb powered speakers, and I wanted to dial them in, hence me tweaking sound settings and ONLY sound settings in all my media player programs.

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  2. #2 I had a brainwave today, and sat down, examined everything regarding the album. yunno how there are some characters windows does NOT like you to use in file names/folder names? well...the japanese character in the album folder name..which IS supposed to be there as thats how it was when I ordered the album meant that windows media player could NOT see the music. I renamed the folder. works now. still no clue why xbox music is giving me grief.
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WMP refusing to recognize songs in playlist
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