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How to reset Deafault Programs? & Prob w/Adobe InDesign

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    How to reset Deafault Programs? & Prob w/Adobe InDesign


    I am desperate for some help.

    I just bought a new Toshiba Satellite S870 laptop. It has an i7 and an AMD Radeon HD 7670M GPU. Sorry, I don't know the type of Motherboard nor do I know where it's listed.

    So, I just transferred my files from my other laptop Win7 to my new Win8 laptop and went to view my images in my Pictures folders. Well, the pictures looked terrible in whatever it was that opened them and so I recalled that it was Windows Photo Gallery that opened them in Win7.

    So, I went to Default Programs and set Windows Photo Gallery as the Default program to open images.

    Great, right? It seemed to be so because when I view my images they look normal and fine.

    But then I went to use Adobe InDesign and while following a tutorial I was told to Alt + double click on an image w/in an open document in order to open the image in full view w/in InDesign BUT rather than it doing that Windows Photo Gallery opened and so I am unable to perform the task I need.

    I called Microsoft and a man told me that I had to go to the "Associate a File Type or Protocol with a Program" and then I had/have to choose Each and Every File Type (jpeg, png, gif, tiff etc ect) with Each and Every Application (Adobe or otherwise) that I want to be able to open those file types. Um, WHAT?? is this really true??

    Questions overall are: 1. Can I set Windows Photo Gallery to open my Pictures/Images in my Windows Pictures Folders AND still have InDesign work properly?

    How or can I reset the Default Programs? ie: I set Windows Photo Gallery to open ALL the file types it CAN open and so can I take this back?? I have not been able to find a way to do so.

    I tried going to: "Choose Defaults for this Program" BUT it doesn't let me choose anything at all ... as everything already has a check mark next to them and not only that when I click on the box w/the check mark nothing happens. One would think doing so would un-check it ... right?

    Please help. I am totally THANKFUL for your time and for reading my long post. I am at a total loss

    I think I may need to downgrade to Win7 if that's even possible ... or possible w/out ruining my warranty.

    Please, any help, any advice anything at all would be greatly appreciated.

    THANK YOU, Kara

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    These links might be helpful:

    Default File Associations - Restore in Windows 8

    Fix file associations - Set or Change default Program in windows 8

    As for setting different associations for files in different folders, I don't think you can. You choose an application for jpegs and that app opens it no matter where the file is.

    As for InDesign (or other Adobe CS programs) if I want to edit an image in the open document I right-click on it and choose "Edit original". Since almost all the images in my InDesign docs are in the .psd or .ai format they open in Photoshop or Illustrator.

    Good luck and don't give up on Win 8 just yet...
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    hello wifi ed ... thank you very much for your reply. i'm still a bit confused and so i must do a bit more reading/research.

    as far as InDesign goes i was mistaken ... if i had listened to about 3 more seconds of the tutorial i would have realized the teacher was indeed opening the image in Photoshop in order to edit the picture.

    i actually ended up "Refreshing" my laptop b/c i was unable to fix what i had done ... the whole Set Default Program thing ... no matter what i tried whenever i would Alt + double click in InDesign it would only use Windows Photo Gallery to open the image.

    after the refresh (and oddly this didn't happen until after the refresh), when i would Alt + double click on the image i was given a dialog w/a choice of program to open the image and thankfully Ps was/is a choice.

    i suppose i can give AMD, Adobe and Microsoft a bit more time to fix things as i still have a lot to learn even in Basic Draw mode. i was just excited to get going on 3D and to finally be able to use the Filters ... other than the Blur

    i'll return to let you know how i'm doing and maybe ... just maybe i'll be able to help someone else out.

    take care and be well, much appreciation Kara
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How to reset Deafault Programs? & Prob w/Adobe InDesign
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