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Win8 app uninstalled corrupt. Not reinstallable, still upd

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    Win8 app uninstalled corrupt. Not reinstallable, still upd

    I have a win8 app that was not correctly uninstalled.

    I cannot reinstall the app because the store says I already own it.

    Still I get continues updates that fail.

    How to handle this issue??

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    Hi, welcome to the forum, when you are in Updates page, click clear and try installing one by one.
    Click image for larger version
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    Windows 8

    This is the only one to update. The rest of the apps updated fine.

    I get the error: "This app wasn't installed" -> Details: error code 0x80004005 -> (Try again | Cancel)
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    Try "sfc /scannow", might help:SFC /SCANNOW Command - Run in Windows 8
    Have a look at this link as well:Fix '0x80004005' Errors >> PC Helper 360
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    Windows 8

    Thank you for your response, however:

    System File Checker only checks the integrity of Windows system files, there is nothing wrong with it.

    Better advise is in regular update cases to use 'windowsupdate.diagcab' repair utility.
    I even rebuilded Windows\SoftwareDistribution completely.
    This does not resolve the issue either.

    As far as third-party repair tools concernes, i'd rather settle for a regular/ordinairy repair solution.

    Still in need for advise...
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    Welcome to EightForums, Robin.

    App Troubleshooter

    Apps and tiles not working tutorial list

    Hope those help.
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    Your second link that's a fine checklist for update/store problems.
    But I've done all that already. Maybe it is not possible without a Refresh, I don't know.

    You might look at my problem as if an uninstall is abruptetly ended (by crash/power off e.g)...
    I even have deleted all referring registy entries of the app in a last desperite attempt.

    But problem is Windows Store (Microsoft) 'thinks' I still own it. It is really just one app, all others update fine automatically (it's CalculatorČ b.t.w).

    I normally would cleanup disk leftovers as well but my installation works perfect now and I am not too keen on changing security ownership of '\Program Files\WinApps' folder from trustedinstaller as a real last attempt. Don't think that would even fix anything when I manually removed leftovers? Think I mess things really up if I did so.

    I need to let Windows app-Store (Microsoft) know that I'm not owning it anymore...
    That would solve it because then it would re-install I guess.

    But I'm not aware of any way to do this.
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    I have no idea why the Store Apps Troubleshooter didn't work.

    Try taking it back to a good restore point is the only thing I can think of.
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    Windows 8

    I get this:
    Click image for larger version
    Check for missing or corrupt files detected..

    Can run it again and again..
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    Ok. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.

    Looking at your last post, your app may not be compatible with your display adapter or driver and/or the driver may be out of date as warned. Any yellow flags in Device Manager on display adapter? Is this app a game or heavy graphics app?

    Just in case you don't know, even though "Your apps" states you own the app doesn't mean the app is installed. I have half a dozen or so in my "Your apps" that aren't installed, for I didn't like them after some use and uninstalled them, but remain there that I own them. This is recorded on MS servers via MS account or other means. I tried to clear this list, but seems no way to rid them. At least for now. No big thing, though.

    Not sure if you tried, but try right clicking the app on Start Screen, click uninstall in lower left corner, and reboot. Upon boot open Store > Right click > Your apps > Left click the app you uninstalled > click install. Hopefully that works.

    Not to make this long winded, but back in Release Preview I installed a free heavy graphic-laden app that took forever to open and froze a lot. Upon writing the developer via email I explained the condition. They wrote me back to send info on my system. Through their development they fixed issues and now the app works very well. I'll assume that because my system (and others') are older with onboard graphics the app was not compatible. Perhaps that's what's going on with yours.

    Hope this helps.
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Win8 app uninstalled corrupt. Not reinstallable, still upd
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