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Acronis 2013 Rescue CD can't detect SSD storage hard drive

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    Thanks for the input. Will have a read up on the retail version of Macrium. I only used the free version. Will keep you posted on progress.

    Only realized after I started downloading it that ADK is over 5GB. Yeeeeek!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fireberd View Post
    The Acronis procedure to create the WinPE disc is clumsy and manual. The Macrium procedure is easy as they have the utility built in and it walks you through it. I have the paid version of Macrium. It loads fast, does a backup faster than Acronis. I was sold on Acronis for a long time, but Macrium is much frendlier and faster.
    I absolutely agree with you, I was a long time Acronis user since version 2009 and recently found out that Acronis "takeover" of storage device control in your registry, and that isn't reversible by normal uninstallation of the TIH application. These four drivers are the left overs:

    fltsrv - C:\Windows\System32\drivers\fltsrv.sys - Acronis Storage Filter Management
    tdrpman273 - C:\Windows\System32\drivers\tdrpm273.sys - Acronis Try&Decide and Restore Points filter
    vidsflt58 - C:\Windows\System32\drivers\vsflt58.sys - Acronis Virtual Disk Storage Filter
    vidsflt61 - C:\Windows\System32\drivers\vsflt61.sys - Acronis Virtual Disk Storage Filter

    It is a PITA trying to remove those left overs manually and if you are not careful, you'll get a BSOD. I am now using Macrium free version and it does a better job than paid version of Acronis. A big plus is you can do a complete backup while continue using Windows, it takes about 7~8 minutes to backup 43GB which is faster compared to Acronis 11-12 minutes. Using WinPE 4 is also a big plus if you ever need to do other Windows repair operation using the command prompt. My final thought is never touch Acronis again since I don't like an application to have their drivers still running in my PC even after uninstalling it. A link below justified my concern with Acronis:

    Beware of Acronis "Leftovers" Issues - Wilders Security Forums

    You are providing very good info here so rep is given to you.

    Cheers !!!
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    Thanks for the reminder about the left over files. I had manually cleaned out the registry but not the System32 files.

    Acronis left me high and dry twice and it won't get a 3rd chance. The first time, I made a backup of my Win 8 SSD as I was going to upgrade the firmware and that erases all data. After the firmware update, I tried to restore and it bombed out. Forutunately there wasn't much on Win 8 at the time so I just did a new install from the Win 8 DVD. The second time, I had a motherboard failure, on a different PC with Win 8 and conventional hard drive. The failure corrupted the hard drive. After I replaced the motherboard I attempted to do a restore and could never get it to complete. I was able to get it restored using a different PC and an external USB 3.0 connected hard drive system, but even that took a couple of hours and I had to load the backup file from the backup hard drive on to the operational hard drive on the system to get it to restore. That was the end of Acronis.
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    Hi firebird, have now created two WinPEs for image creation/recovery. Acronis one was done using Win7 AIK, and the other with a trial standard version of the latest build 5828 of Macrium using Win8 ADK.

    The Acronis forum post you referred me to was for AIK Win7, and there is another similar post for ADK Win8 on the same forum found here. Despite what the tutorial said, after following it to the letter, and despite several hours of trying work arounds, I could not create a Win8 ADK WinPE with Acronis. With Macrium I had no choice but ADK. I had already downloaded 2.55GB ADK for Acronis so was able to use this with Macrium.

    @topgundcp, I'm not disputing the speeds of create/restore you get with Macrium versus Acronis, but for whatever reason, I get the exact opposite. And the differences are quite substantial.

    • I have Win8 on a 128GB Corsair Force GS SATA3 SSD and backup to an internal 120GB Corsair Force SATA3 SSD.
    • Acronis is set to mid-range 'Normal' speed of writing. Macrium is set to 'Top priority'.
    • Tests were done on Windows8 GUI, for side by side image creation times using a timer. Each trial was timed from when the image started to be written to completion.
    • OS was Win8 with all apps/programs and updates = 50.1GB.

    Corsair: 3 mins 26 sec.
    Macrium: 6 mins 42 sec.

    Have yet to use timer tests for creation/recovery using rescue CDs. But these are the times taken for the respective recovery CDs to show active GUI on RAM. Timing started once the CD boot option appeared:

    Acronis with Win7 AIK WinPE: 3 mins 13 secs.
    Macrium with Win8 ADK WinPE: 5 mins 48 secs.

    Will update later with image creation/restoration using rescue CDs. However Acronis took approximately 5 minutes to create an image using AIK, and Macrium was showing 26 minutes at start using ADK. For Macrium this may have been less in real time, but was still a lot, lot slower than Acronis.

    My modus operandi for data/apps/program storage is all done manually. I don't store cloud and I don't store on partition images. I'm probably a little paranoiac, after being badly burnt a few times by flash drive and even external USB hard drive failures. But for this reason everything is backed up to 2 PCs via internal storage HDs; 2 external USB HDs; 1 eSATA spinner HD in caddy; and duplicate DVDs ... one written daily using Windows software and flash drive format for quick storage. And the other bi-weekly via Nero using multi-session +/- R DVDs in ISO Joliet format. The 2nd DVDs are more secure as they cannot be accidentally written over except by going through the Nero program.

    I really must buy a main frame one day! lol!

    I do a bare bones installation of Windows with mobo drivers, mod it, activate it, and then do backup image. I continue on with the same installation to add all M$ & 3rd party apps/programs, etc. Then do a 2nd backup image.

    Every few months I load the backup pristine image and update it. Then burn a new image and delete the original.

    About every 12 months I load the bare bones copy, and do a fresh installation of all apps/programs, etc ... then burn a fresh image of the fully load OS.

    To reload the 2nd image to main HD takes about 4 - 6 minutes. And it takes about 10 minutes more to drag/drop all personal data from storage internal SSD HD to OS. So it's all up and running in about 15 minutes including favorites, contact, etc,etc.

    Must agree I loath and detest programs that leave stuff behind when uninstalled. I use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode which gets most left over garbage, including registry. But even then manual registry search often reveals a heap of stuff not deleted by Revo. Lately I've found that apps/programs bought retail as opposed to freebies, are becoming more and more bloated and demanding. Latest Zone Alarm free won't allow installation unless ZA is home page on IE, and when new tab opens, auto does to ZA. Both of these can be removed, but another PITA! Do they really think they will get more sales by forcing people to use their program as home page? Yeah! Right!!!!

    Also agree that Macrium creation of WinPE ADK is a breeze compared to Acronis which requires using Command Prompt several times run as Administrator ... PITA!

    Cheers M
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    I'm getting faster backups with Macrium from my Sata III SSD's to a conventional internal hard drive. I haven't actually compared times, just that I know Macrium is significantly faster for me.

    I have Revo Uninstaller Pro (paid version) but there were still gobs of Acronis leftovers in the registry and two of the refererenced Acronis files in the system32 folder.

    I agree on the bloatware. Acronis has it with all the extras they've added. I have Nero for CD/DVD burning and it has become a bloatware program with lots of extras that many do not need. In fact I only installed the Nero modules that I need. I use my system for my home recording studio so I have to be on my toes about what I install so it doesn't interfere with the recording. I also do part-time PC support and repair and see all kinds of junk on customer's PC's.

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    Hi Jack,

    Hell, I just realized that sounds like a poor joke, you know, "hijack". Sorry you've probably copped that one since a kid at primary school.

    Don't understand why Macrium is slower on my PC. A lot of other people have also reported faster times with it than Acronis. By the same token I'm using the latest, although not necessarily the greatest, version of Acronis. Most of it's wasted on me though, as I don't use non-stop backup as to my way of thinking it defeats the purpose of a pristine restore point with a fixed backup image. By that I mean the updates will also include any errors or contamination. Also don't use cloud or syncing. So Macrium would make more sense for me if I could get the same speeds.

    Bloat ware is pandemic. The last Nero I bought is Nero Burning ROM 11. It is a very stripped down version and really just a simple burner without having to pay for all the bloatware I never use.

    Likewise I do PC repairs, problem solve and install software for friends and acquaintances. And it is true the amount and type of stuff people put on their PCs never ceases to amaze me. After I do a fresh installation of windows for them I do an Acronis backup image from the rescue disk and keep it on file for when they crash it! And they always do! Especially parents with a couple of teenage kids on the net. I also give them a maintenance sheet I made up of things to do daily, weekly and monthly ... like run Safety on IE after being on the net; and CleanUp by StevenGould; registry clean,de-frag for spinner HDs, run AV and malware programs, etc, etc. But none of them do it!

    When I ran CleanUp on one guy's PC, it removed almost 33GB of junk ... cookies, caches, etc. Unbelievable!

    On the other hand I do feel sympathy for the average joe PC user. I'm reasonably computer literate, but still have difficulty at times deciding whether to accept or reject an option when installing a program; or a program is offered free. Uniblue was a classic example for Zone Alarm. If installed it did a check every time you booted up, and most people who contacted me for help over it had no idea where it came from, what it did, or most importantly ... how to get rid of it!

    Cheers Joaquin
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    Update: These are timed results for the latest versions of Acronis & Macrium Free rescue CDs.

    Back up images are written to internal Corsair Force GS 128GB SATA3 SSD hard drive.

    Times from when boot option appears till active GUI appears:

    Acronis Linux PE: 2 min 14 sec
    Acronis Win8 PE: 5 min 35 sec
    Macrium Win8 PE: 4 min 49 sec

    Times to write backup image for source image of 51.8 GB + Size of backup image:

    Acronis Win8 PE: 3 min 43 sec Image size: 18.7 GB
    Macrium Win8 PE: 16 min 3 sec Image size: 19.7 GB

    I don't know why Macrium is so slow on my PC at around 25% of the speed of Acronis; and that's with Mac at maximum priority writing spped?

    Note: The standard LinuxPE version of Acronis will write images to the storage SSD HD, but when Windows is opened, the image file cannot be seen. However, the image is still seen when the rescue CD is booted.

    The Win8PE version of Acronis has no problems. However creating a disk was a problem until a poster in the forum pointed out a mistake in the Acronis tutorial which cost me three blank CDs.
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Acronis 2013 Rescue CD can't detect SSD storage hard drive
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