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Thoosje Windows Sidebar 8

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    Thoosje Windows Sidebar 8

    Now there is a completely renewed Thoosje Windows Sidebar 8. It has his own unique developed independent windows gadgets system and runs on Windows 8. So you can get your windows gadgets back in Windows 8 or run it in older windows versions. For developers it's also possible to develop new gadgets for Thoosje Windows Sidebar 8.

    Thoosje windows Sidebar comes with 11 of the most used gadgets like a clock gadget, Calendar gadget, CPU/memory gadget, Search gadgets, Hard Drive gadgets, Media player, quick launch, RSS feed gadget and more. An addtionional free gadget pack is under development now and will be released this year.
    Windows Sidebar, have the windows gadgets back in windows 8 - download free

    A Guy

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    should have posted that in the ,I hate win8 forum /thread , lol
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    Have anyone tried it in Blue ?
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    I like the sidebar on Vista but its not enabled on Windows 8 even though there is a Windows Sidebar folder.

    I've just downloaded 8gadgetpack installed it and it works so I'm happier again. The weather gadget is back to normal as they disabled that on Vista but I found a download to cure that.
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    I did a restart to see it it still showed and it put a black box on every desktop icon. I uninstalled 8gadgetpack and restarted and the black boxes were still there. I did a System Restore and that removed the black boxes.

    I downloaded A Guy's thoosje-windows-sidebar-8_installer and that worked ok but there aren't as many gadgets to add.
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Thoosje Windows Sidebar 8
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