Hello i am new in this on posting but this is my problem i had installed windows 8 pro and i have linked my microsoft account to my pc(hotmail account),everything was working fine,i was receiving emails,my calendars was working and all my people were synced,but the problem is the messaging app is had worked only 4 days(lagging of course).Since i turn off the services in the right pane the messaging app never conect to me,is always "getting info" and when is finish of that it says to me "we can't send a message rigth now",i made everything but i don't find anything that work , i like Windows 8 and the metro apps but that things is driving me crazy,i don't use the messenger and i only want the facebook chat.
PS:Everithing is working i repeat i receive emails,see my peoples and watch my calendars appointments from the live account,the only thing that isn't working is the messaging app.
Thanks for reading me and sorry for my english