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Is Office 2013 worth getting?

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    Is Office 2013 worth getting?

    I mean, compared to 2010, does it have any disadvantages?

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    It costs money. It has a really funky smooth scrolling animation. I personally don't like it, but it can be disabled with a registry hack. It's very limited in terms of themes too, you get a choice of white, silver, or slightly darker silver.
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    I haven't used it.

    The Home/Student version had two major disadvantages over the 2010 version, though:

    1) The license can only be activated on a single machine. (With 2010, it was 3 machines.)

    2) The license was effectively an OEM one; it couldn't be transferred to a new PC.

    I have read that Microsoft has relented on #2, and will permit a transfer. I haven't verified that directly yet, but I've seen it reported multiple times.

    The license terms make Office 365 look like a better deal. (It's leased software, though. You have to pay to keep the license valid. I believe it's something like $10/month. Forever.
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    It was worth getting for me, thru Microsoft HUP. Not bad for $9.95
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    Yeah, when you have access to the Home Use Program (HUP), Microsoft is almost a no brainer. I say almost, because I didn't take advantage of the Home Use Program from my employer when we had it because I don't have Office installed at home. I actually saved my $10.
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    MS Office 2013 : 2 Questions

    Hello Readers,

    I know that my questions will be your opinion(s), that said, I am keen to read your views. My questions are:

    1. What are the advantages or disadvantages of MS Office 2013 64bit over MS Office 2013 32 bit?

    2. Should I choose MS Office 2013 64bit and having MS Office 2010 32 bit installed, is there a way of "keeping all the info in Outlook, Exel" etc.? I believe MS Office 32bit must be removed prior to the installation of MS Office 2013.
    Thank you for your time and interest.
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    Following links to MS Technet and Office Support Site

    64-bit editions of Office 2013

    Choose the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Office

    Hope this helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by KaiZ View Post
    I mean, compared to 2010, does it have any disadvantages?
    Hi Kaiz

    Sorry for going off-track on your thread ...

    Changes in Office 2013

    Hope this helps in some way

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    Thanks For Your Comments

    Thanks for the info on MS Office 2013. It appears that the 32bit is more versatile that the 64 bit. I am convinced that what ever 32 or 64 bit is installed it must be removed to install the "other" bit version.
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    after installing viso off of dream spark i found out it was completely redone form it's previous version's.
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Is Office 2013 worth getting?
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