Hi there
I've found this absolutely brilliant (and plays FLAC too).

1) Download on your COMPUTER the FREE Logitech Media server - plays Music, Radio etc etc. Index of /LogitechMediaServer_v7.7.2. You don't need to own any Logitech devices to make download and use this.

2) if you want to play on your local machine as well download the FREE SQUEEZEPLAY application.

Softsqueeze 3.9b2.

Install on your computer and start the Media server -- the first time you need to set it to scan for your media directories.

Now on the phone

From Google play store

1) install the SQUEEZEBOX application -- this by itself can be used as a Remote controller for your SQUEEZEPLAY on the computer if you are playing on your computer.

2) Install the 3.25 GBP application SQUEEZEPLAY on your phone. --

Start up and with a decent set of headphones or plug your phone into a good Hi-Fi set up -- now you can play your entire collection away from your computer.

There are other ways of streaming Audio but this to me is one of the simplest to use that I've ever seen and it plays FLAC too -- assuming your phone has a decent DAC in it which can do this -- The Samsung phones do and I think HTC one's as well.

It's a MUCH cheaper way than some of the media servers hardware I've seen out there and does the job just fine.