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Metro Applications disappearing when opened.

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    Chester U.K.
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    Windows 8 Poo Edition (& Windows 7 Premium)

    Metro Applications disappearing when opened.

    I`ve just had the most ridiculous run around after asking this question in the microsoft forum - Question deleted , then my question asking why it was deleted was moved ,followed with someone telling me I` had posted in the wrong place AFTER the Mod moved it from the RIGHT place and NO real answers to the actual problem. So in the sincere hope that someone here can help me , heres the question again.

    My metro apps have stopped opening, or at least they`ve stopped DISPLAYING... I say this because I can see them when I mouse over the hot corner. -When I open one , it displays the opening animation then go`s straight back to the start screen.

    I`ve seen this similar problem posted in several places and have tried all the suggested Fixes without success.

    Heres what I`ve Tried:-

    running the troubleshooter at What to do if you have problems with an app - Microsoft Windows Help

    Making sure I am using a Live Account.

    Performing a SFC with SFC /scannow in an Admin Dos prompt.

    Disabling the firewall and A/V.

    Checking the screen Resolution.

    Making sure the Time and Date is correct.

    Uninstalling and Re-installing the Metro Apps.

    I attempted opening a new user account but could not, I can`t open a new LOCAL account without changing my existing Microsoft Live Account to local also (don`t want to do that because I won`t be able to purchase apps).

    I tried to open a temporary (new) microsoft account but kept getting "failed to open new account" message.

    Even tried a registry fix which requires deletion of the OLE key in the registry so that the registry is rebuilt when rebooted.

    NONE of the above worked.

    Uninstalling and then re-installing the Metro apps has cured SOME of them but the Apps that still don`t work are:-

    Kindle Cloud reader for win 8
    Gdrive viewer (google drive)
    Youtube Player

    and I`m still finding others.

    I REALLY , REALLY don`t want to do a Refresh or re-install again for a couple of reasons,

    1. it will be the Fourth time I`ve had to do it. - I`ve got approximately 30 desktop apps and I am reaching re-installation limits on a few of them now - e,g. FSX only lets you install so many times.

    2. I`ll have to enter ALL my passwords and Account details in each one again, - it seems that all I`ve done for the last two months is re-install windows and the apps.

    3. Also I had this problem once before and a system Refresh did not cure it - I needed to do a complete re-installation.

    If you are still with me (and I won`t blame you if you stopped reading half way through)

    Can you help?

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    Hello Nick,

    You might check through the items listed in the tutorial below to see if it may help for now.

    Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8

    Hope this helps,
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    Chester U.K.
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    Windows 8 Poo Edition (& Windows 7 Premium)

    Thanks Shawn, Thats a very well written and informative Tutorial, Unfortunately I`ve just gone through it point by point and I have done everything on the list with the exception of the last two, - Contact the publisher and do a system refresh.

    I don`t think contacting the publisher is going to help me much - All the Apps stopped working at the same time so the problem is unlikely to be a single app dependent one, and I don`t want to refresh because apart from the extra work re-installing all my desktop apps and passwords and whatnot, - it didn`t work last time it happened.

    Any other thoughts?


    Edit:- just thought I`d add that I`ve unplugged all my USB devices and drives and am troubleshooting on just the base unit, - all the things I`ve tried have been done this way.-I DID have a USB drive (actually a microSD card in an adapter) fail on me and throw up a device unrecognised error at the time of the failure, but this has been removed. - it was my recovery information drive with such things as passwords, registry backups, Truecrypt and Bitlocker keys (not installed any more,-don`t ask...) and is O.K. in another PC.
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    If you have a 3rd party AV or firewall program, then you might temporarily uninstall it completely to test abd see if that may be a cause. Sometimes disabling them is not enough.

    I think you pretty much tried everything that would normally help. If it's not the AV or firewall, then you may need to reset Windows 8 instead since refreshing it before didn't help.
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    Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
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    Windows 10 Education 64 Bit

    That's happened to me several times on a couple of my PC's. I did the uninstall, reinstall. I even tried a refresh and reset. I never did find a fix other than reinstalling Windows 8. It seemed random to me. One time it would be this app, then the next time it was a different app. Sometimes it was one app that wouldn't work, another time it was two or three that quit. I just put it down to me running the RP and hoped it would sort itself out with the final release. I was running Windows Defender at the time. I hope you have better luck than I did and it will be interesting to see if you find a solution. The PC's that gave me problems are all running Windows 7 now and I've only had this Windows 8 laptop for 3 days.
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    Chester U.K.
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    Windows 8 Poo Edition (& Windows 7 Premium)

    I`m using Defender only - I used to have Norton 360 installed but removed it after many problems with it disabling applications and internet access.

    -resetting windows would be the same as a clean install right?

    -you see thats what I`m desperately trying to avoid because it would be the FOURTH time i`ve had to do this -I`m getting acclimatized to re-installing everything and it seems to get me nowhere because I always end up back here at square one. (start all over again).

    I was lucky enough to get a free years subscription to Livedrive because I`ve been waiting so long for delivery of a new touchscreen (Dell S2340T) -I`m about to become one of the first people in the UK to get one apparently.- they gave me the subscription to "keep me sweet" because I have paid for the monitor I`ve ordered. -But thats another story..

    Anyway - the Livedrive has been continually restoring my files for about a week now and if I have to start again I think my router will melt with the strain :-)

    If I can possibly get to the root cause of why these apps aren`t working then it would save me so much grief and it would probably happen again anyway judging from record. So I need to find out why if I`m going to keep on using win 8.

    Thanks for your help by the way - you have been the first intelligent help that I`ve received,( Microsoft are not helping me -my questions are being deleted).

    Edit:-Not to mention -if I can pin it down to a cause and fix it will probably help a lot of other people who have the same problem - I`ve seen quite a few posts with no real single cause.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    could be a video driver issue... the video driver issue affects any Internet-related apps.

    see if this video shows similar behavior to your problem.

    be prepared to turn down the volume
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    Chester U.K.
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    Windows 8 Poo Edition (& Windows 7 Premium)

    @dirtyvu - yes, thats exactly the behaviour I`m getting - just closes to start screen but is still visible as a default thumbnail in the hot corner, but I have the windows drivers installed (to the best of my knowledge).

    Edit:- I`ve been going through the rest of the metro apps and the ones I quoted are the only ones affected - I`ve uninstalled them -even logged off and rebooted THEN re-installed them and its the same ones that do it.
    Edit 2:- I`ve finally got a response from a different Moderator at microsoft, - he`s told me to do a clean startup to discount any other apps or processes causing it, watch this space.

    PS thanks for moving the thread - wasn`t sure what to post under so chose the maintenance option.
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    64-bit Windows 10


    Yes, a reset is basically the same as a clean install.

    Doing the clean startup would be a good troubleshooting step. Hopefully it may reveal a cause.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    the way to fix the problem in try out different graphics driver revisions. first try out the latest drivers and see if it solves your problem. if it still persists, go back to previous revisions.

    the problem I had above was with the latest ATI Catalyst drivers. I had to go back to the driver revision that was included with Windows 8. so what I did was install the latest Catalyst suite (so that I could get the Catalyst control panel) except for the video driver.

    people with Nvidia graphics have had the similar situation. you just have to find the right driver that'll clear up the situation. It's up to AMD and Nvidia to fix the problem. It's also good to complain by reporting your problem to your graphics card vendor, be it AMD or Nvidia or Intel or whoever is appropriate for your hardware.
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Metro Applications disappearing when opened.
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