Hi all and thank you to anyone taking the time to read this, whether you can help or not.
I have searched high and low over the internet (I like to imagine it isn't a level plane) for an answer to this, and no windows forums, nor forums for the relevant softwares seem to contain a solution

Using both vista and 7, both convertXtoDVD (VSO) and DVDFab were my best friends for converting DVD/Bluray one way or the other, yet since upgrading to 8, no DVD software can burn... I can read, convert, but any attempts to burn cause a hang or freeze at the caching before burn actually begins.
Unfortunately no errors are being given.
I come to the conclusion they are software based issues or perhaps permissions based issues purely because using windows to write files to DVD = not a problem.

Would definitely appreciate any heads up in this direction, even if it is a slightly demeaning point in the right direction because I have overlooked something incredibly obvious.
Have even tried updating versions, trying other free software to see if they work... nothing. Only windows can burn????