So I just got an HP Envy with Windows 8 pre-installed today. And it is already KILLING me. I mean, I'm reasonably good with computers, so I've figured out most of the operation stuff pretty easily, but here's the major problem I'm having, and boy do I hope somebody has a solution:

I have a ton of movies and TV shows on my computer, and it's pretty much the only place I watch TV. However, I have issues just sitting still and staring at the screen, so in the past, I've had the TV show running in VLC in the upper left corner, and freecell or solitaire or minesweeper or something running in the bottom right corner. I could watch the show, but sort of absentmindedly play the game as well. I managed to find the games in the app store, but freecell takes up THE ENTIRE SCREEN! Don't get me wrong, I love freecell, but it's a pretty simple game. It really doesn't need my entire 21 inch screen. Is there ANY WAY to get this down to the corner like I could on Windows 7? I've already discovered how it can be forced to take up the left or right side of the screen, but then it's vertically oriented and, well, that just gives me a headache to look at it. I know this problem is minor, compared to all the things that could go wrong, but it's driving me nuts, and I've only had this computer for about 14 hours! Help!